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Cube World: New Update Will Take Place Soon

As we all know, Cube World is an action role-playing-game for the PC made by Wollay. It has been in development since June 2011. Wollay has been postponing his updates while the whole community can’t wait for the new updates to take place. Cube World is an addictive game. Everyone that already re-download the game client can still see that patch notes are from the year 2013 even tho Wollay said that there are already some updates released. Sadly, we again cannot see that. Is there going to be a cube world new update, it’s all left to wait and see.

Since the game launched, we launched a facebook page so we can help the community because we were hardcore gamers and we pushed ourselves into this game hard. What it came out, sadly, stop working with the cube world fan page and its community. Wollay made a big mistake letting this happen.

There is no new stuff in-game, no new music uploaded, nothing.

Cube World New Update – What we know so far and what we can conclude

In this next update, you won’t get tired of the game quickly. There will be many new things to do, lots of action coming, lots of entertainment, and most of all, this update will make you say “D***, this update was worth waiting for.” We do hope that will happen, honestly. A lot of people that played this game will be excited about the new dungeons. As we can see from his tweet, the new dungeons are going to be the next best thing in the game. What we think is that there is going to be needed a lot of co-op for the finishing of the dungeons. The new bosses will make you sweat for sure!

Wollay released a new video

He twitt this before precisely ten days. We can see he is still working on the new dungeons. This is what we talk about. New instances such as dungeons, new fun, new items, new sound packs, new everything!

Everyone is hoping for the best; the community cannot wait for the new updates to be released.

Is it going to be like this for sure?

To be honest, no one knows what is going to happen. Back in the days in 2013, he took our money with a lot of promises, but in the end, it felt like he was just interested in our money. I am not an optimist, but I hope for the best of this game and the community. Some people even found this game more interesting than WoW. We had some friends bored from playing wow and begging to host a server for them. I did it, and they were so satisfied until Wollay messed the whole fun up.

Store is closed

Now, the store is still closed. There are still people around the world that want to buy this game, but Wollay won’t let them do that. Is he failing on us? If you ask us, if Wollay knew he was going to be so slow, he should have never released the alpha version under a pay only option. People refuse to acknowledge this, but in all honesty, Wollay got a s*** ton of money from the alpha release and pretty much bailed on this community and went on a long three-year vacation. That is just bad, and developer should never do something like this.

Now, he is just posting videos making this community angry about the game.

For how long do we need to wait until the new release comes to live? – The biggest question of this community.

We would love to ask Wollay the same question, but is he going to answer? We’ll see.

Update 1.0:

Before precisely four days, Wollay’s said on his twitter account that he’s currently been working on adding new stuff in Cube World for improving the questing and exploration. He even posted a screenshot of the map and how’s it going to look. Finally, Wollay decided to give us something new. But everyone would like to know is this going to be like the best we can ever get? When is it going to be finally finished?

Wollay is continuing to develop Cube World, and all of the players cannot wait for all the changes to come through. There have been a lot of players waiting for this. We hope that finally it will be updated.

You can see his tweet below:

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