Destiny: Rise Of Iron – 20th Of September

Bungie and Activision are coming out with the brand new series of the game Destiny, their forth extension, Destiny: Rise Of Iron. It has been scheduled to be release on 20th of September, for Play Station 4 and Xbox One.

Preview of Destiny: Rise Of Iron

The new chapter Rise Of Iron will bring you brand new, more thrilling quests and missions, where you can upgrade your gear and gameplay. The chapter will be with a new Raid and the Level of the Light will be increased, 385 with The Normal mode raid and 400 with the hard mode raid. Now the Wretched Eye strike is available, such as two repaired strikes, the Devil’s lair and Summoning pits.

New Plaguelands area, Social Space, New Crucible Mode Called Supremacy, Private matches and a new Arena named Archon’s Forge.

Play Station will have their own revelation, Show of Strength and Timeless Tereshkova quest.

There will be a new character booster – Spark of Light, and forget about the old raids and Xur that you know from before, because you are not going to see them in the new chapter. The Infusion system will stay the same, which will give you 100% of the light level. You will be able to infuse to two year gear to the year three level. The Patrol will remain the same, with three people. The Ornaments and Record Books will be in a different inventory slot. You can get everything on the highest level, there will be no certain boundaries, you will have “open” hands and free soul of gaming. New item will appear in the chapter, Dormant Siva Cluster, and you can find the Poisoned Chests in Plaguelands.

PvP comfort in Destiny: Rise Of Iron:

Iron Banner is going to receive some changes, such as:
–  The Tempered buff will be removed,
–   The Iron Banner Shader, Class item, and Emblem will no longer increase how much score you get,
–   Reaching rank 5 will be made easier. Bungie is hoping that players will reach rank 5 and then keep playing because the loot is good,
– The first Year 3 Iron Banner is going to be Supremacy.
Iron Banner will offer new: Weapons, Armor, Ghost, Ship, Trials of Osiris is going to include: New Armor, New Weapons, New Ornament. Trials of Osiris is not going to be available straightaway.

Crucible maps:

There are going to be 4 Crucible maps with the Rise of Iron:
–  Last Exit: A subway terminal on the Ishtar Sink of Venus that has been eroded away by the ocean. It provides players will a lot of close-quarter combat opportunities as they explore abandoned maintenance hallways along the tracks,
–  Skyline: Clovis Bray was an exo science group that performed technical research and engineering in a variety of fields. Years ago the group built this way station, which overlooks Mars’ vast landscape, as a kind of welcoming center for human colonist looking to settle on the planet. This map features a lot of vertical combat space.
–  Floating Gardens: This map focuses on the Vex. Players will be treated to a stunning sunrise as they do battle in a massive circular shrine, which the Vex built on top of a huge spire in Venus’s upper atmosphere.
–  Icarus (PlayStation Exclusive): Icarus is the name of a massive Golden Age solar collector that has been built into one of the craters on Mercury’s surface. The sun looms large in the background as players duke it out in Mercury’s harsh elements. The solar collector is also full of mirrors used to collect the sun’s energy.

Private matches:

The Salvage Scoring system will be revamped in Rise of Iron
Private Matches will allow you to play against your friends and will allow you to customize, Game type, Map Score, Limit Time, Limit Light, Level Time of Day.

In Private Matches you can have up to 6 players on a team. Private matches will be available to all players that own The Taken King. Upon completing a Private Match, players may earn loot in the Post Game Activity Rewards screen.

Exotic Engrams cannot drop from Private Matches, and the Exotic Particles effect granted by Three of Coins will not be consumed upon the completion of a Private Match.
Progress may be earned in Private Matches toward Daily Crucible Bounties and Test Weapons received from the Gunsmith.
Progress MAY NOT be earned in Private Matches toward Quests, Record Books, or Weekly Bounties.

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