Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2017: Official Trailer And Preview

Pro Evolution Soccer also known as Winning Eleven is coming out with a brand new chapter this year. Pro Evolution Soccer has 16 series, actually in 2016 they have their 17th, named Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. It is scheduled to be released on 13th on September 2016. The publisher of the game Konami, made a partnership with FC Barcelona, so that is why on the cover photo of the game you can see some of the FC Barcelona players, such as Messi, Neymar, Suarez, Pique and Rakitic.

PES is better? Or did FIFA step up?

You’ve got Master League (Manager Mode) and Become a Legend (Be a Pro). Both Game Modes provide EURO’S, UCL, World Cup etc( includes copa sudamerica if you play in chilean or brazillian league). All the Licensed Cups are included in both Game Modes. You play for Man Utd, you’ll play in the EPL and if you make it top 2 in epl table you’ll play in ucl. You can also play for your country/manage it.

For the reason why we play PES, it’s because it feels more authentic, realistic football. Graphics are far better than FIFA atm (excluding upcoming games), and the game modes BAL & ML provide fun offline experience. FIFA has lacked in offline mode for a few years now. All there is in FIFA is FUT, that’s it. FIFA has been terrible for the past few years now. It’s not like how it was back in 09 and 10. PES provides the offline mode experience while FIFA provides the online. It just has that authenticity feel. The little details they get right are so enjoyable. FIFA is a more user friendly game but it gets too predictable. We choose¬†PES because of the smooth gameplay and imposing your tactics to win a game, not depending on a player to dribble from the half way line to score. No glitches in these recent years where as FIFA continue to have these insane glitches.

Release date Pro Evolution Soccer 2017:

Pro Evolution Soccer is coming in the stores on 13th of September 2016 for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Play Station 3 and Play Station 4. Have fun and enjoy the game!


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