World of Warcraft: Legion Has Been Launched

Blizzard has launched potentially the most significant and most beautiful expansion, Legion. So, by doing this, I would love to invite all of the people, especially old school players to come back to the game and start playing the game as they did before. We do know that Warlords of Draenor was a freaking pain for all of you. But this should be more exciting than ever. Just hop in and see what is going on. A lot of exciting changes.

world of warcraft: legion

Honor and Conquest will not be used currencies to buy from vendors, but the max level players will get Honor points from competing battlegrounds or arenas while increasing your honor level. You will be able to earn bonus gold, artifact power and a new set of PVP only talents. Legion does look based on PVP a little bit more.

World of Warcraft: Legion, PVP or PVE

Level cap raises to 110. The new item level cap for level 110 will be 805+ It scales with your ilvl too. PVE will be pretty much the same with some changes going on. While PVP will be a lot more interesting including the HONOR talents that you earn as you level up. Honor talents are becoming active only in PVP, Battlegrounds, Arenas and as soon as you join PVP area your stats on your items will be nullified which means they will be respeccing according to your specialization. Any other bonuses will be deactivated. Legion allows you to make a more significant balance while PVP-ing.

PVP Seasons will be changed too. Once you get your honor level at 50, you will need to make a tough choice. You will be able to prestige which will bring you back to Honor Level 1, but, by doing that you will increase your Prestige Level which means more rewards like, mount, badge, title based on your prestige level, etc…

Two brand new maps will be brought to the Arena PVP, including one that is still under development.

As we said, PVP will be the central part in World of Warcraft: Legion and we feel satisfied and excited about these improvements. Good Job Blizzard!

WoW Legion has Been Launched

WoW Legion Launch

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One of the longest waited mmo games ever is finally out. WoW Legion is here!

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