Beyond Flesh and Blood Preview: Release Date, Platforms

This crazy and exciting game is soon going to be released for PC, Xbox, and PS4. The game is in early access on steam which means you can start playing it right now by paying and downloading the game. By doing this, you will be one of the better players in the game and will help the community to grow bigger. This is not the end; it’s also being released for VR. Yep, VR version of this should be freaking insane. Beyond Flesh and Blood is the sharp shooter designed to push your skills to the limit…

Reminds me a lot of Unreal Tournament, where back in the days was so fun to play even tho it’s a third-person shooter. Indeed! While trying the alpha build of the game, we saw that it has a lot of potentials. The story happens in post-apocalyptic Manchester (the new capital of England because London was destroyed in a nuclear explosion), where players take the role of an engineer.

All of this is happening 265 years into the future. Massive mech elementals are the only way you can walk on earth. Mechs had a double jump, dash, speed, and mobility.

Why try Beyond Flesh and Blood?

Robots. What more do we need to say? One simple word that makes a game crazy. Mission to battle through hostile and derelict places to restore the signal to the Tree of Life: a space station housing the last of the civilization. Science fiction wonderland filled with mechs. Unlike other third-person shooters, we got big environments which are littered with a load of conveniently placed thigh walls to hide for cover.

An action game that takes place in Manchester because the company creating it is based in that city. The funny part in this game is that you cannot die.

The price is around 14.99 euros on Steam at the moment. We do not believe the amount will change. So it’s a beautiful and fair price for a game like this. Maybe it’s a little bit cheap, who knows. We have to see the final release so we can speak more.

Release Date:

Coming out on September 6th, so let’s get ready.

Beyond Flesh and Blood Trailer

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