Hitman: Episode 5 Colorado, Release Date And New, Secret Locations

HITMAN is the sixth game in the series and is the culmination of a expedition started by Io-Interactive proximate 17 Years ago. It builds on the seriously renowned and profitable successful base of games like Silent Assassin, Blood Money and the recent Hitman: Absolution. So, the new Hitman – Episode 5 Colorado is coming out on 27th of September for PC, PS4, Xbox One. Get ready!

In The Sarajevo Six mission in Bangkok, the target is head calling someone and it is heavily implied that the person on the other end is also one of the Six. The Veteran is aware of the deaths in Paris, Sapienza and Marrakesh. He’s figured out that the deaths are taking place in order of rank, highest to lowest. Anyway, during this phone call The Veteran asks where the other guy is currently. For whatever reason, he seems surprised when he is told that he is in Colorado.

Apparently it’ll be set on a rural farm turned militia camp. Also, there will be four targets this time around. From the episode description: “Sean Rose, Maya Parvati, Ezra Berg and Penelope Graves are four very different, very dangerous people, each with their own specialist skillset ranging from environmental terrorism to chemical interrogation.”

Another thing to note, penultimate level will add serious momentum to the story, and set up an intriguing season finale for players. After episode 4’s post-level cutscene I am very excited to see how the story starts to come together. Speaking of, has anyone gone back and played the earlier levels after they beat Bangcock? They are absolutely lousy with references to Jordan Cross. I had no idea how wired in to the story he was until I went back and overheard some ambient lines of dialogue. For example, the therapist that you can disguise yourself as to take out Caruso on Sapienza. Then he mentions he has helped “turn around” troubled geniuses before, specifically mentioning Jordan Cross.

Never forget

‘’Always knew i didn’t belong in this world. I wasn’t made for this. But I’ll never forget- those who betrayed me, and those who never failed my trust.” – Agent47

The game lists 3 more locations, this, Japan, and a secret one. So 2 more episodes for season 1.

As for the full game, I honestly think the episodic format has helped the content of this game a lot. Beating the missions takes almost no skill and very little time. So if a consumer bought the game and went in with the idea of “beating the campaign”, they would finish it 4 hours later, very very disappointed.

The point of the game is replaying the missions. To get each challenge done (which actually takes skill, and some investigation, and is very rewarding). You can sink 20 hours into each episode, easily.

So when you do buy the whole game, make sure you take your time with each episode, rather than trying to beat the basic story in one go.

So, we have 5 Hitman things that you have to know! Check the video below:


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