Minecraft 1.11 Features Revealed We All Have Been Waiting For It

I haven’t played Minecraft for a year or two now…


But one of the features I’ve been waiting for is one that adds an exceptional amount of structures/locations.

It gets boring when you come across slightly differently generated villages. Over and over, with the occasional temple or pyramid in specific deserts.

Where’s the fortresses, the castles, the lone cabins? I’ve always wanted to see villages clumped together to make larger communities, manors, inns, hunting cabins, etc. There’s so many options they have for the open world, but we only get a single building every now and then.

This update is a step in the right direction. If it’s anything like previous updates, there is going to be no real direction and the idea will be abandoned for something new and half-baked for the next update. It’s like once they add in an idea or feature, they hardly ever build upon it for years. I wish exploring was closer to 7 Days to Die. There’s an abundance of interesting, different locations to explore, that aren’t just biome-dependent.

Not to mention the progression. It goes further than 5 tiers of identical equipment that has slightly higher numbers with each iteration. There’s somewhere around a dozen tiers of items and 5 times as many variations and niche items for all sorts of playstyle or just for fun.

Plus the building is more fun and allows for more detail in Terraria, in my opinion. I’d rather have loads of building materials. With a dozen or so full furniture sets to properly decorate my interiors. Rather than “make a big box of brick/wood/stone/some impractical material like wool” and using stairs and fences as the most basic table and chairs.

Sure the world is big, but I never feel like I’ve made anything that I can really call home in it. Just “a box what protects me from the zombies”. I know people can make incredible and impressive builds. Unfortunately I don’t have the time, energy, or desire for something so grandiose. I like my player homes cozy and homely.

Only thing it’s missing is a true creative mode with noclip and flying in the style of Minecraft. Sometimes I have ideas for builds that I would need to spend hours getting even half of the materials for. Then the actual build would be an incredible chore without making it to the very endgame to get the mounts that can actually fly/hover indefinitely.

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