Pokemon: Don’t Get Heart Attack From The Next Viral Chapter!

What did Nintendo prepare for us this time? I hope it’s something Pokemon “catchy”.

 SunMoon? Can this be the next, most popular game from the series?

This time Game Freak, has a surprise, a twist for all fans. Something that will bring the fans even closer and more interested in Pokemon. Not because there are new details in the game or some forum it’s saying, Oh, you have to play! It will be because of the brand new characters included in it. Are you surprised? Me, definitely yes! So, in this case, i can’t wait until November 18th, so I decide to get a pre-order from and will cost me only 39$. Great price for a perfect game!

Take out those Nintendo 3DS, no matter your age, or sex, or even school and get into the world of Pokemon with new, fresh characters.

We have what it takes to be the next Pokemon master!

There is a new world as well. The name is Alola. All the Pokemon trainers can explore the new terrain.

“Embark on a new adventure as a Pokemon Trainer and catch, battle, and trade all-new Pokemon on the tropical islands of a new Region and become a Pokemon Champion!”

You can’t wait and see who are the new Pokecharacters?

We have Rowlet, which is Grass Quill type, with height 1’00” and weight 3.3 lbs. But, with his ability to overgrow, you will be amazed of his powers of possession that he has.

Next on the list is Litten. Litten is a cat, that goes in the group of fire Pokemon. With the height of 1’04” and weight 9.05 lbs, she can easily burn the “h***” out of any Pokemon, with her fluffy, hairy, fireballs.

The last, but not the least, Popplio. Cute, little blue Sea Lion, with the power of Water Gun. His height is 1’04” and he weights 16.5 lbs.

Now, because you know almost everything, comes the interesting part. We will help you and give you some tips and tricks on how to play the game. We are such sweethearts, aren’t we?

New modes and feature took place in this chapter. There is also a big change, called Rotom Pokedex. A gadget that will help you, guide you and lead you during the game. Because you have been all complaining about how unorganized the previous chapter was. So, this device will particularly help you if you get lost during the game, or remind about some events that you are forgetting. And most important, finding treasured and rare Pokemon in the new region. Remember?

Are you ready to get into the new Battle Royal mode? But please, be aware, this mode is not for rookies. You will be fighting against pro- Pokemasters, that will be more than prepared for battle. We recommend you to get into the game, ASAPand start to train your Pokemon, because you will be facing some real Pokepower, from four different challengers.

Do you have what it takes to be the next Pokemaster? Until then, train hard and no excuses!




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  1. Freaking insane, already have a heart attack :D, I would definitely like to see litten. Pokemon is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!

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