Quantum Break – Steam, PC retail – September 29

Characters in Quantum Break sometimes can get “frozen” in time, but Finish Remedy Entertainment doesn’t have those kind of problems. The team behind the third person shooter Max Payne and the amazing action-adventure Alan Wake, evolved their known style from action movies to gaming.

Why Quantum Break is worth to play?

Quantum Break is a five chapters gameplay where you can feel the adrenaline rush. The game is based on a accident in a research lab. Suddenly there is a black hole. With the powers, can control time and “infect” the characters in this story.

The leading character and the hero of the story is Jack Joyce. He is with superpowers in combination with the traditional “cover” base shooter mechanics. Jack Joyce can teleport himself from place to place, slow down the time, in a matter to get away from the enemy range of fire. Also, he can make a “time balloon” in which you can place the enemy, and suddenly you have a “headshot”.

And yes, it is fun to have all these superpowers, but sometimes, during a battle, you have to wait for his powers to get “loaded”, which can be a little bit confusing. But, there is something we can’t deny. The fact that Quantum Break in a lot of gameplay moments, looks perfect and spectacular. Effect from bomb explosion spreading slowly, blood from the enemy line, that gets like a snowflakes, cars stuck in time and space. In a way it looks like Matrix, visually fantastic.

There are also the critics. Maybe the only and the greatest problem in the game, is the fact that the hero, Jack, gets from zero to hero in a very fast time, maybe too fast. In just couple of hours you can master his skills. Also, the other half of the game doesn’t bring anything new. Which means that all the impressions will fade away and turn into a repetitive, boring gameplay.

Even though, the action gets repetitive, what keep us playing further is the story behind this title and the way it’s reveal. Gameplay also helps, the point when you take over control over the “bad guy” Paul Serene. He is a childhood friend of Jack Joyes. Character with ability to predict the consequences from his experiments.

If you are expecting a big change in this type of a game, please don’t. From the aspect of the gameplay Quantum Break doesn’t look that refreshing. But if you are looking a combo of TV series and action games, that will just do. We think, with the 10 hours of gameplay can be fun to play. Quantum Break will be released for Steam on September 29.


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