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Super Mario: Get Ready For New Adventure In 2016

We have the official release date for Super Mario Run.

The game can be both played on iOS and Android system. The only difference is the release date. It has been said by Shigeru Miyamoto, that first the game will be released for iOS, in December. Android users will have to wait just a little bit longer, until early 2017.

We all know who is our favorite plumber of our childhood. If you are a retro Mario player, this new release will be a great refreshment. Although this game doesn’t require much of skills, you still have to collect as many coins as possible. It is simple as before, you just run, jump and have fun.

Game modes in Super Mario Run

The only differences are graphics improvement and three new gameplay modes.

  • Single player mode

The objective in this mode is mainly as the classical Super Mario game. You have to finish your level on time and to earn points by collecting coins and catch the Flagpole as high as possible for maximum points. Jumping and smashing Goombas heads is on the list too.

  • Battle mode

This time, Nintendo also wants the players around the world to challenge themselves, by making a Battle mode. Battle mode is actually racing with other players online. When you choose who to battle with, then you will start a regular Mario game. Every time you are making a brave move, a Toad will appear. The more impressed Toads you have, better the chances to win the battle against the opponent you have challenged. But not only the Toads will bring you victory, coins are also important.

  • Mushroom Kingdom mode

You can create your own Mushroom Kingdom by using the coins that you have collected during the entire game.

Check out the official trailer from Shigeru Miyamoto



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