The Final Station – Now On Steam

The final station has been released on Steam. Yes, it is confirmed as it was just released before 1 hour.

What’s this game all about?

Travel by train through a dying world. Look after your passengers, keep your train operational, and make sure you can always reach the next station. Make your way through swarms of infected at each station. Explore mysterious and abandoned stations looking for supplies and survivors.

Can this little game please us? It should because this is the kind of games you lose your stress at. If you are mad or something terrible is going on with your life, hop in the game and start slaying horde zombies. Yes, that’s right, horde zombies. Lifeblood connected by rails.

Survive in a dying world. Yes, as you heard… “The world is over.”

You have three modes of the game: Train mode, Station mode, and Lore.


Coal, Food, Medicine, Passengers…

  • The train requires coal to function and needs to be loaded with it at regular intervals to remain in motion.
  • The passenger car can carry passengers, each of whom has their personality and requires supplies, such as medicine or food to survive.
  • The train connects to any of the thirty stations.


In this mode, thirty stations provide you clues to the history of this dying world. Stations can be divided into two types: Derelict ones that can be isolated by zombies or abandoned and the others are with people that fight for their life. The undead hordes of zombies have brought about the end of civilization and remain a constant threat to anyone exploring derelict villages, towns, and cities. They come in several flavors:

All of the Stations can be found below:


This station is both the first station and last station visited. It is the home of the main character, the unnamed conductor.


Country town in the North of the country. The only landmark is an old residence of the President, built in the past century.


Small provincial capital, a shopping center for people from nearby towns. The headquarters of business agency Praxis is also located here.

Central Station “Keskus”

The central railway station has scheduled trains to all destinations. The station building was built before the First Visitation; it is an object of cultural heritage.

Emergency Station

Lost connection.


A city in the North-East of the country, population: 191389 people.

The population initially consisted of the staff of van-posts, which were installed by order of ex-President Vermond White.

Over time, the city has grown, thanks in large part to a climate of peaceful living.


It was decided to run pipe-line from Ristol over the city owing to its lousy soil.

Accommodation in Bridgestone is one of the cheapest available, because of the wastes dumped close to the city.

Vermont White engaged in attempts to settle population from the city and close it, but his successor Armand White didn’t support his efforts.


A town situated in a plain nearby Emeric’s Crater.

Last century, the first ever excavations of electrum were undertaken here.

Since attempts to find a significant field of the mineral weren’t successful, drilling works were stopped and continued only 20 years later in Ristol.

Nevils A5

Nevils Station A5 is located at a town formed around the Morgenstern Plant.

The plant provides the surroundings with heat and is operated by Michael Nevill, who inherited the plant from his father.

New Cost field

New Cost field is a trade center for all the eastern part of the country.

A subway was built here long before resettlement; it connects all four parts of the city. The largest shopping center Kauppa is located in the center of the town, its staff speaks all four languages and is ready to offer goods of any category from dishes to domestic appliances.

Ristol, “City of the Factories”

Following the unsuccessful attempt to find a field of electrum in Emeric’s Crater, researchers expected a significant breakthrough at the spot that was to become Ristol, when MEtrapole’s council allocated extra-budgetary resources to build Nebelherz, a factory nowadays located in the center of the city.

However, it didn’t stop private mineral mining factories from growing, which cause the city’s expansion.

Hazel born

Previously a military base, it was turned into a resort town after it was closed.

Additional information is classified.


Praxis Agency rating puts Arden as a runner-up to the Metropole on salary. However, you can’t see this from visiting the town. Town citizens don’t like luxury and are not welcoming to a flagrant lifestyle.

L-ABS Bunker

First and biggest shelter built to Vermont White’s order under Metropole Council management. Research complex L-ABS is a part of the sanctuary; it researches the artifacts from the border of the First Visitation.

Modeline Valley

After a massive landslide twenty years ago, local authorities decided on a restructuring project for most of the city. The city has suffered an increase in the level of crime, but improvements are starting to show after the recent management replacement order from Armand White.

Oil Platform B-85

The oil platform was under construction for a long time; after the avalanche, it started working again. Right now, oil is the cheapest and least favorite type of fuel, but Peter Thornton, the son of famous businessman Christoph Thornton, promise to bring the production to new heights.

Rail Factory E5K


Personal Station 02-T

Station built to the order of a local citizen who chose to remain anonymous.

Lore – First Visitation, Second Visitation, Guardian, Capsules

First Visitation (We will cover just this because the rest can be found on their official wiki page.

What is known about the First Visitation has been culled from highly suspect official government reports, and the stories of those few who survived direct contact with the infected Zombies that resulted? What is known is that the event came out of nowhere – large Capsules appeared across the planet, spraying out a mysterious, unknown gas, which infected those who came into contact with it, causing a condition where inky black liquid leaked out of their orifices. Once infected and turned into Zombies, the victims quickly became ravenous, attacking anything that moved and was not infected like them.

We just bought the game, so we are hoping this game is going to be real fun.

As we know, this game should be released soon for Xbox ONE too.

All Aboard The Final Station hype train, out now!

The Final Solution Official Trailer:

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