XCOM 2: The Commander’s Mission To Reclaim Our Planet!

XCOM2: The world is not the same anymore!

Earth is now under control by leading-edge masters and their extraterrestrial unit. For years we have been enforced in the dark. We have regain our strength and took back our greatest weapon. The time has come to rescue our planet. New, mobile, command station is now giving you orders how to fight against your enemy. You have a new operational base, that will guide the soldiers into your war. New weapons are required. The arena is far more threatening, but you and your squad have to fix the Xcom Project to reveal aliens plan and to restore the human kind desire to fight back.

What is new in XCOM 2?

XCOM 2 have reduce the difficulty in the game, but they have expand the relationship between player – soldier co-op, which we think that will make a stronger connection between the players. No mods included, yet, XCOM 2 is a brilliant game. The developer, Firaxis, took one of the best strategy games in modern memory and enriched it in approximately every way. For a game well-provided  and intact to be just the beginning, with the guarantee of mods and official expansions in the coming years, is outstanding. This game is a sensational creation.

It might sound disturbing, but game’s warfare is so fascinating that it’s smooth to pick yourself up after loss and come back into the clash. Want to feel like a true hero? XCOM 2’s storm of difficult choices makes you one.

The developer stated that XCOM2 has a lot of improvements:

-The new units liven up the experience and add much more variety. Also, the procedurally generated maps help to customize every player’s experience into a one of a kind novelty. If you’re a newcomer to the resistance or an old veteran, this game is a smartly designed action-strategy game with a staggering amount of content and replayability.

With all that being said, XCOM release date is on 27th of September for PS4 and Xbox One.


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