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Arcen Games has reported a continuation of its enormo-space RTS AI War. We called that “one of the current year’s finest system diversions” in 2009.

AI War II will highlight 3D models, modding support, the choice to play as the outsiders, and a heap of different changes and increases to the effectively gigantic unique—here’s an online plan record gathering everything that Arcen intends to put in the amusement.

Notwithstanding the things I just said, we can likewise expect enhanced AI, more ship sorts, and another Science framework that will give you “a chance to choose your armed force’s qualities and capacities”.

The Kickstarter for AI War 2 went live yesterday, and has 30 days left to hit its objective of $299,400. So far it’s gathered around a tenth of that. On the off chance that all goes well, there’ll be a private alpha variant accessible. This will be in January just in few months, trailed by an open early get to rendition in May, and the full discharge at some point in October 2017.

About AI War 2

“You are outgunned.  Hugely dwarfed. You should win.” These are your requests.

Humankind has as of now battled its war against the machines – and lost. AI demise squads stand to watch over each planet and each wormhole, the few staying human settlements are held hostage in circling bubbles, and the AIs have turned their consideration outward, far from the universe, to outsider dangers or openings obscure.

This negligence is our exclusive trust. A little resistance, excessively irrelevant notwithstanding, making it impossible to be seen by the AI headquarters, has survived. These are the drives you will summon. The AI subcommanders will battle you to the demise when they see you – yet your flash of chance originates from discreetly curbing those subcommanders without cautioning focal handling to the peril until it’s past the point of no return.

You do have a couple of things going to support you. Your boats are much speedier. You have safe AI schedules to computerize barriers and mining stations. You have creation methods that can produce completely furnished unmanned warriors in seconds. There will never be more than a couple of thousand of your boats versus a huge number of theirs. However, through watchful technique you should some way or another compass and wreck the vigorously protected AI centers.

Go forward into the universe, take AI innovation, recover those planets you should keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish your closures, and spare what stays of humankind. However, attract a lot of regard for yourself, and the full may of the AI overlords will come slamming down.

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