Battlefield 1: Battlepacks How To Get The New Melee Weapons And Weapon Skins?

Now the players have the possibility to equip their soldiers with Battlepacks from all the previous chapters. Whether you like more your soldier to look like the one from “Battlefield 4” or you like more “Battlefield Hardline”. In the new “Battlefield” WW 1, or if you wish Battlefield 1 these packs will have some new, awesome weapon skins and very cool melee weapons.

The Battlepacks in “Battlefield 1” beside the new weapon skins and melee weapons,now you can make your perfect weapon. What we don’t know is if these weapons will have more accuracy or be more powerful than the usual weapons. But, what we know is that you will have the possibility to write your own flavor text for the weapon that you are making. That’s great!

All of this is happening for a reason. If you are asking why these Battlepacks give weapons in “Battlefield 1”, it is because melee weapons are more common in this game than any other first person shooting game. All players of “Bf” knows how exciting, dynamic and how often these melee combat are in the game. Now, EA DICE is trying to make these features even better.

How to get Battlepacks in “Battlefield 1”?

To get these Battlepacks, the only thing you have to do is to play the multiplayer mod in “Battlefield One”. Also, you can purchase them using your credit card. But, if you are already own a Premium Pass membership will be starting with four free Battlepacks.

“Battlefield 1” is coming soon on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One worldwide. Make sure that you make a pre-order and be able to play it because this will be the best modern combat, FPS online, multiplayer game.


BF1 New Melee Weapons And Weapon Skins

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BF1 Weapons and Skins

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Equipping skins from previous versions of Battlefield should be extremely satisfying. All the BF gamers should be very happy!

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