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fove vr eye track
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FOVE VR Eye Track Ultimate Experience in Gaming

You think that PlayStation VR is something that will take over the world? FOVE’s VR eye tracking headset is the new generation of VR. 

fove vr eye track

PlayStation VR has been advertised and brought to the gamers as the perfect computer technology that creates a simulated environment. This type of technology is well known in the gaming world.

FOVE VR eye track will make “big bang” in future gaming

In Tokyo, FOVE Inc started to build a whole new vision of the VR. They think that VR is missing something, something that can make the users get even better experience. So, they come up with the idea to build a headset that can follow the movement of the eyes.

fove vr eye track

With this kind of a development, have in mind that this new invention will be the first one ever to have this component. This feature, eye-tracking can be recognized via an infrared device. Yuka Kojima, the FOVES founder, said that he is carefully watching the production of this project. He monitors the player’s eye movement, motion sickness will be reduced to a minimum, also eye to eye contact will be possible with the new amazing graphics and features.

fove vr eye track

We all know that present VR is great, giving amazing players experience, but just imagine what this new version can do?

This is going to be on a different, new level, the level where you can show emotions, feelings and actually you can communicate with other players just by making an eye-contact.

You can get the first FOVE headset for 600$ on 2nd of November.



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