Free Crystals Weekend In Paladins Champions Of The Realm!

Happy Halloween! I hope that you are enjoying the holidays like I am. Due to these events, I wasn’t able to play Paladins Champions of The Realm for maybe 2-3 days. But guess what?! I still got my loot when I log in.

[You can find the update below]

That feeling when I chose my favorite Champion and did Unstoppable, Oh my Lord! Adrenaline everywhere. I hope you share my emotions with you ūüôā

Did I miss something while I was away? I really hope not. If I did, please share that information with me in the comments below.

I wanted to share with the guys/girls who are playing this game, if they missed the chance for double¬†experience or maybe they haven’t finished any quest yet, Don’t Worry! I have your back, well actually¬†Paladins Champions of The Realm does, but nevermind. The following weekend starting from November 4th until November¬†6th will be my favorite Paladins Champions of The Realm weekend. Why am I¬†so excited about it? Well, free crystals guys! Free Crystals Weekend!

Imagine all of the skins you can get… God, maybe I will finally get Bomb King’s PumpKing¬†Epic skin. I can assure you one thing only and that is the whole team at FGR is going to play the game over the next weekend. We might be 3 authors, but we are more gamers…

What do¬†you have to do? Just sit back, have an amazing week at work, school or gaming week and then on the night of the 3rd of November, when the clock goes 00-01 sign into Paladins and go for as much kill streaks as possible and try to win as much as matches as possible. After the end of the weekend, I’m¬†expecting to see a bunch of replies in the comment section below about how was your Paladins Free Crystals Weekend.

Until then, have fun playing Paladins and maybe I will get a chance to own you.

Author’s update – official news:¬†

Earn up to 225 Crystals this weekend by playing Paladins! Collect 75 Crystals for completing 3 First Wins of the Day EACH day, Friday through Sunday!


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