Goku Is Training Hard For The SSB Crusade v0.9.1

Super Smash Bros. Crusade is a gigantic project built from the ground up and started by three die-hard Smash Bros. fans, Dr.MarioX, Phantom7 and Falcon8r. Currently, the project is in the hands of Jaklub, PerfectHell, Mp3 Toaster and Destination. We want to create a Smash Bros. game with a memorable experience that contains the greatest features that all three authoritative Smash Bros. games have to give. Goku is famous for two things: his endless appetite for food and the never-ending desire for discipline and combat. The new Crusade v0.9.1 will take place soon.

No matter how strong Goku gets, there is always someone stronger to threaten the Earth. Goku never stops training and refining his techniques. These training grounds debut in SSB Crusade v0.9.1. This stage features a flat, walk-off design for a test fighting prowess. You can play with hazards on and gravity is amped up. For starters, let’s see what we learned during the v0.9.1 direct.

Super Smash Bros Crusade v0.9.1

Goku now has to charge his neutral special in order to get the same results. Pressing “Special” can provoke a charge, while pressing it again will fire. Aiming to be as close to canon materials as possible, we granted Goku the ability to aim the wave up and down. This move was first tested in Goku’s duel against Cell. By pressing “Attack” or “Grab” followed by a direction, Goku can teleport.

He can come out of the teleport facing a different direction by using left or right directions as he reappears. You can continue the charging where it left off and aim the wave up or down after teleporting. The Continuous Kamehameha is an engaging divergence of Goku’s Side Special: the Ki Blast. The input is similar to the regular Ki Blast, but has the same function like a “Smash Special”, meaning that the input is similar to a Smash Attack.

Ki Blast boasts lowered end-lag and boosted hit stun at the cost of less Knockback. However, this is overall beneficial, as Ki Blast is a projectile that can provide pressure. It will provide Goku with the opportunity to transition into his combos, relying on the cause. Continuous Kamehameha. It requires a charge-up time but produces several Ki Blasts to higher damage if all of them are connected. The projectile travels with lower velocity and with less length overall. It covers more area on enemies, assisting Goku with his spacing game.

Project Crusade: Goku’s Kamehameha

Continuous Kamehameha is with more end-lag than Ki Blast, but slows Goku’s descent on the enemies, whereas Ki Blast does not. Choose between the two accordingly. An additional tool in Goku’s powers is the Dragon Dash. By pressing “Grab” in the air, Goku can charge forward with a nearby hitbox that knocks in the direction he is flying.

You can even aim the dash up or down as you go. However, it leaves Goku helpless. Use the Dragon Dash with caution. Goku’s Kaio Ken attack can now be adjusted. In previous versions, this move was overpowering and spammable just as Kamehameha. It could be used over and over. again until it is connected, providing a massive built-in. The attack was redesigned to feel more fair while still being useful.

The combo that ensues after the Kaio-Ken Attack connects now works faster than it did before. Goku now will actually deal more damage at the time of Kaio-Ken Attack than what he would receive as per the Kaio-Ken state. Besides Kaio-Ken Attack will cause the Kaio-Ken state to be switched off regardless of whether the attack connects, preventing the spamming the attack. This has the bad and the good side, it depends on whether you want to stay in the Kaio-Ken state for longer.

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