Halloween 2016: Here Is A List Of 9 Games With Halloween Events

Halloween is coming and a lot of games have been updated with some great Halloween events, skins and loot.

Because of all that is going on for Halloween, it is a bit hard to keep everything in track. But I have made a list with some Halloween-themed games that I hope you will like it. Let’s check all the playable games with Halloween events.

Overwatch Halloween

  • Halloween-themed game, that gives a lot of refreshment of the actual game. Loot Boxes with more than 100 themed items, skins, voice lines and a lot more.
  • All of these items are already available and you can get them until November 1st. If you haven’t had a chance yet, we recommend you to try this game

Paragon Halloween

  • From 25th of October, Paragon is offering 6 skins on sale in-game and discount on  the bundle. Also, you can link your account on Twitch and unlock permanently Murdock’s Dock-o-Lantern skin
  • You are able to get these discounts until November 6th.

Pokemon Go Halloween

  • As we all know Pokemon Go is a viral game that spread across the world with the speed of light. Although it was mentioned that the game drops and Niantic lost a lot of players and income, they made few updates, just to make the game better. A lot of gamers now can enjoy the Halloween event in the game. But is this what Pokemon Go fans are waiting for?
  • Halloween-themed in-game will be active until November 1st

Rocket League Halloween

  • If you missed the candy-corn rocket trail from last year, don’t be disappointed. This event is back again and now is your chance to grab it!
  • Don’t miss your chance, it will last until November 1st

Smite Halloween

  • With their latest update 3.19, 8 new skins and 1 new God, also a Halloween-themed map is added in the Arena mode. The Arena is now decorated with creepy things, where you can use your Scary Potions on the opponents to scare them.
  • It hasn’t been clear until when this event will last, so stay with us and we will keep you up to date!

Street Fighter V Halloween

  • Premium DLC for Street Fighter V is available for a limited time. This DLC includes a Halloween-themed on the Russia stage, 7 new skins only for 2$.
  • You can get these items until November 29th

Destiny Rise Of Iron Halloween

  • Join the event on 24th of October and get all these treats until 7th of November. Bungie has not yet the official statement, but if we go to the same pattern with last year’s this should be the date for the Festival of the Lost.
  • “We laugh in the face of Death”– Bungie’s reason to make this Festival of the Lost for the spirit od the dead and all the sacrifices made.

World Of Warcraft (WoW) Halloween

  • Trick-or-treat at inns in Azeroth? This is so cool! But wait, there is more. Welcome to Northrend, Pandaria, Outland, Draenor, the Broken Isles and trick-or-treat, where you can get treats or money that you can spend on items.
  • Get your Banshee costume or fight with the new Boss-Headless Horseman until November 1st.

League of Legends (LoL) Halloween

  • New, limited-time skins, themed icons and wards have been added in The Teemoing event. On LoL’s official game site you can play a game and get a Doomed Minion icon.
  • Skins are available until November 3rd

Let us know which one is your favorite game in the comments down below.

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