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HexPunk: Betray Or Get Ready To Be Betrayed

HexPunk consists of four-player dungeon crawler game, but one player must betray the others, and only wins if the other lose. I love this kind of games so much. One more game on our menu which is made in Unity.

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HexPunk and it’s complexity – Who can you trust?

HexPunk is a four-player dungeon crawler that involves betrayal and subterfuge in order to create a unique environment. You will spend some quality time while playing this game, guaranteed. HexPunk launched a new, full-length gameplay trailer. Edited by the Marketing Manager Michael Lu and featuring sound from Sound Designer Sean Daniel Telford.

There are few things that make HexPunk different.

They have four player LAN gameplay, 3v1 Asymmetrical multiplayer, focused on betraying and intrigue. It is a classic game with unique mechanics and playstyles, futuristic aesthetic.

HexPunk is set inside a drug lord’s stronghold in the distant future.

The game has assassins who have been hired to eliminate this kingpin. However, one of them is going to sabotage the whole team. The selected player will try to take apart the team, without being discovered. This game features a gameplay that is based on LAN, as players try to convince each other who is or is not the betrayer.

The score changes depending on the intensity of the combat, and there is a combat style made for everyone. Is this indie game going to satisfy your gaming needs? Answer us in the comment section below.

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Four-player dungeon crawler game, where one player betrays the others, and only wins if the other lose.

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