Neverwinter Fishing Loot In The Sea of Moving Ice – The Largest Neverwinter Zone

Any Neverwinter fans? Futuregamereleases.com is always trying to impress the followers. Now we have some refreshing news regarding Neverwinter fishing loot.

Do you like sailing and deep sea fishing?

Now all of this is possible in the largest Neverwinter zone, named The Sea of Moving Ice. Cryptic Studios announced this zone will be so big, that it will be in a need of a new way to wander through it.

Neverwinter’s players will have a kayak, that they can use it to explore and seek on the open sea. You can choose your kayaks, their quality, and speed. Also, it was said that you can customize your kayak the way that you like, but this is not 100% accurate. What we do know is that you can use this kayak only in the new “The Sea of Moving Ice zone“.

Neverwinter’s fishing loot

What is the point of a kayak, water, and open sea if you can’t go fishing?

Well, guess what? You can! First, you need to get some new fishing rods. Because the ones from Winter Festival and Lonelywood won’t be good enough.

There will be more than enough fishing rods available in the deep sea. We have to connect, cooperate and interact with other players in order to detect the perfect fishing loot. The reason why we have to  be more interactive is because the fishing loot appears and disappears randomly. 


If you want your character to grow even stronger, the fishing loot in Neverwinter The Sea of Moving Ice is the perfect place to increase your stats. Feeding the troops and refugees with the fishing loot will increase your reputation. This will help you open chests that contain special reagents in order to upgrade your relic weapons and off-hands.

Players that wants to jump in the system can find all the types of fish in the picture below. You have to catch and gut this special types of fish in order to upgrade the mentioned weapons above.

In The Sea of Moving Ice you will find treasure maps that you have to decipher if you want to find the hidden treasure. It will be possible to find these maps while fishing by hooking a bottle, so it will bring more fun to all the Neverwinter players.

Get your fishing skills ready, because this new feature is going to be a h*** of a ride 🙂

Neverwinter’s update The Storm King’s Thunder is coming out 8th of November for PC. Also, is expected for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One the same month. 

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