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Nintendo Switch: A Big Event For Its Releasing

Nintendo will give the full reveal of The Switch in the middle of January. A full reveal will be given to Nintendo Switch with a live stream on January 12, Nintendo announced.

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Nintendo Switch Will Host A Big Event in 2017.

The news comes from Nintendo’s financial briefing today. Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima stated that the company will reveal the Switch’s release date and price. Also, he said that some development games will be highlighted while the reveal is taking place. Even though the event will be invite-only, no press is allowed, analysts and partners. It will be streamed live, worldwide.

The time is still to be confirmed. Nintendo will host events around the world to the press, partners and consumers.

Nintendo said that there is a lot more to know, than we actually know after the first look. Recent patents paint a very interesting picture of an AR-capable machine.

Whether that pans out or not, Nintendo is going to be pleased to have a better idea of the Switch’s cost and available games, averse to the concept footage we witnessed.

We are thinking that a lot of gamers will stay put and not lose the pace of their game. According this video, it should be looking really nice. A portable crazy video gaming device? Hell yes, we are down to that 100%. I am not going to lose my progress at all and I can keep on playing whenever I love to. A big salute to Nintendo and we hope that maybe we are going to have the luck and somehow be present on their event which will take place on January, 12.

You can see their tweet down below, it is confirmed indeed:

Here’s how Nintendo Switch looks at first sight:



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