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Nintendo Switch Features And Sensors

What the report said? Nintendo Switch will feature multi-touch controls.

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Nintendo Switch specifications

From multiple sources, we got an information that the home console that can be taken on-the-go has a 6.2-inch screen which displays at 720p.

The screen also supports multi-touch controls that are similar to tablets and smartphones. Everything because of a 10-point multi-touch display. The system uses NVidia Tegra technology and has been developed for mobile devices. Touch screen game support seemed to be given despite the company not talking on that topic.

Touch controls meet with approvals if Nintendo plans to release the mobile title on the system, something has to be confirmed. As Nintendo previously said, Switch is a home console and connects to the user’s television via a dock. And unlike Wii U’s gamepad, it cannot be used as a secondary screen.

Despite this, the screen cannot be used when it is connected to the TV, the right hand Joy-Con controller has a short-range IR sensor right at the base. This is called “light-emitting distance measuring sensor” or an IR emitter off to another side.

Sure, it is possible the infrared sensor to point at the television only to “duplicate basic touchscreen functions” which is taken by an IR sensor in the console’s deck.

This kind of functionality was not shown in the reveal video. Apparently, there is more to be revealed in the next few months.

Nintendo Switch will make its debut in March 2017.

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