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Oh Sir, Game Where You Insult your Opponents

My guess is that you are tired of playing the same game year-after-year. I know that you ever wanted to tell your friends and loved ones how you actually feel about them, but without the risk of any lasting physical repercussions. Well, we have some wonderful news. The Oh Sir Insult Simulator is going to be released. Developed by Vile Monarch, published by Gambitious Digital Entertainment, this game promises a lot. Imagine you are at your home together with friends or family. This Oh Sir game will make all of you laugh.

oh sir game

Insult your opponents in a creative way

The Simulator builds upon the ideas that are explored in past prototypes and delivers an Insult’em-up game where you can release your inner fury the British way. You can create insults by using a random selection of handcrafted zingers and verbally offend friends and strangers trough different devices with Crossplay. You are able to experience a deep Contentious battle. Employ Combos, Criticals and other new mechanics to outwit your argumentative opponents. Prepare to correct or damage all of the important relationships in your life.

Oh sir… insults your friend in the best possible way

The parrot is alive again bringing countless new insults for your disposal, Sir! Remember that ludicrous game that parted lovers, ruined families and faced friends against enemies? Here it is its successor that does even with more style and more variety. I have proof of that. This time you can spread to everybody  that has Internet connection or if you are not the most sociable you can sit alone and play with yourself 😉

Do not let the parrot die. Tell that grumpy old lady that her husband donated organs to a strange woman lying in a pond. Meet an elderly hipster who appreciates pictures of a grunting sow, and a fake Russian guy  borrowed a dead body to put his cup and cookies on. It is also the only game you can learn The Meaning of Life at.

Game Features and modes

  • Loner’s Insult Tournament Mode: Bomb your way through different ways and verbally offend your CPU.
  • Real-Life Friends Mode: Attack your actual friends on a sofa or whatever else you enjoy to rest your fanny on.
  • Imaginary-Friends Mode: Talking trough take down strangers from all over the online world and bring the amusing pain on any device using the game’s Cross-Platform Multiplayer.
  • 5 Crazy Funny Playable Characters: All of them with their own particular voices, quirky traits and hilarious “insult bits”.
  • 4 Conflict Scenarios: Attack them with your Kung-Fu verbal insults across 4 different test situations and dynamic environments.
  • Contentious Battle System: Apply combos, crits and some new mechanics to outwit your argumentative opponents.

Prepare yourself, because the Insult Simulator premieres today. In order to celebrate this fabulous moment, there is the trailer that we would love to share it with you.

Oh... Sir!


Our Score

A nice little game where you insult your opponents in the best possible way.

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