Paladins Barik Build Guide – SantaCause, Cards Included

We are releasing this beautiful Paladins Barik Build Guide (loadout), call it however you want it. After the released build for Buck we decided to make a Barik Build Guide. Barik is a Front Line champion that eats enemy players with his insane turrets. How to play barik? Is it hard? It’s not that tanky like the others? Yes, that’s exactly the three questions we are going to explain right now.

Barik got one of the most annoying skills in the game. Turrets. Those annoying turrets can help you deal a lot of damage. So basically what we made for you is a good turret based build (loadout). I can assure you that after watching this build and trying it ingame, you will pretty much play Barik every single time he’s available to pick.

Let’s make it clear. We are not going to show you what to buy ingame, because those purchases must be done depending on the champions playing against you. Maybe in near future that will happen too. In the meantime, we will continue to cover all of the champions in random order until we release the builds (loadouts) for every single one of them.

Paladins Barik Build Guide – SantaCause

Why is this Paladins Barik build guide is named SantaCause? We do not know about you but Barik definitely looks like Santa Clause to us. Plus, he is a real pain cause to enemies with his presents (turrets). I do not plan to explain a lot for Barik because all you need is to pop those turrets on the ground. Let’s preview the build and then we are going to have a snap talk at the end of this article.

Card Forged Alloy: 4 points

Increase the health of your turret by 700. This means your turret, guided by your shield can be really tough to kill. By the way, we all prefer to place them on a different places so the enemy wont be able to see it, right? This is a really good card which can make the enemy be pissed off because of those turrets you place.

Card Healing Station: 4 points

So now you probably know what we are thinking of, right? Tanking and keeping your turrets alive, while they heal you and make you survive. It’s a nice double-sided feedback I’d say. By just these 2 cards, you should be able to take the capture point in an easy way. I mean, in every single point of view you should be the man of the match. Imagine if there is 1 more Front Line champion playing on the same team with you. Your turrets will be 100% alive, and by that, you will be too.

Card Bowling Ball: 2 points

Gain shield with 600 health during Rocket Boots and for 4s after. It should give you a little bit of extra timing to survive. If something goes wrong you can run away fast, but be careful, not by far. They can always get you.

Card Another Man’s Treasure: 1 point

Elimination reduce active cooldowns by 7%. It will give you boost of placing another turret on the ground in a faster period of time. Just a little bit of an asset to the build. Our main cards of the build are the first 2 cards. I do not know but this deck should be more than enough to finish your job while standing on the capture point.

Card Combat Repair: 1 point

Standing near your Turret heals it for 50 health every second. This card won’t do literally anything, as it wont save the turret from dying if they focus it. But it will definitely help you if you push the enemies away from the capture point and if your turrets are still alive. You will be able to heal them up.


It will be awesome if you just hold the middle, place the turrets around on hidden spots, if possible. Other things you need to do is defend the turret you place in the middle with your Barricade. Saving your teammates is pretty much always a must, but not while playing Barik. After you take the objective point, you need to put the turrets on the Payload. It’s easy tactic and everyone is using it and I am aware you already know this. Keep your ultimate until the second push towards their base point. Use your ultimate in the most needed time, do not use it only to save yourself, instead of that, is better if you keep it for the next round.

UPDATE: Gameplay Video with Equipped SantaCause build

We hope you love this Paladins Barik build guide. Take care and do not forget to leave a reply in the comments section below. If something’s wrong with this build, we’ll review it and even update the build with your name tag on it.

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