Paladins Champions Gameplay Tutorial and How to Play Them

As promised in our previous post about Paladins Review and answering to all your questions, we are writing this Paladins Champions Gameplay Tutorial just to bring you guys closer to the game and playstyle of each champion. Everyone that played this game, doesn’t matter if new or experienced player, been probably asking himself what kind of game style should they offer in the game with playing different types of Paladins Champions: Front Line, Support, Damage or Flank. We are going to start from the Front Line and finish with the Flank champions. Keep in mind that we are not going to be talking what kind of items you need to purchase in-game or what kind of Layouts you should be using. Layouts and Purchases will take place in some other post in near future. Hold tight, because this is going to be a long ride ;).

1. Front Line Champion: Fernando

paladins champions

Fernando is a Front Line core; he is the best front line champion if you ask me. His shielding ability is the best in this game, comparing to the other Front Lines or Tanks, call them however you want, which makes you kind of OP when you stay in the middle of the capture point. What do you need to do and what kind of approach you need to have with this Front Line Champion? As we said, you need to hold the capture point as much as you can and try to save your team from death.

With the Shielding ability, I can definitely say AOE shielding because his shield has a lot of HP and do not have a timer that triggers it down. Either you can trigger it off, either the other team will break the shield. If the other team have healers and you cannot bring them down, then, you might want to focus your Fireball (reduces healing by 50% for 3 seconds) skill on the most effective guy on their team. For instance, with shot fireball on the healer, he cannot heal himself, and with shot fireball on the tank, he cannot be healed that effectively by the healer. It’s your choice which one are you going to choose. You can catch them both, but only if they are lined up. This tactic always works good.


When do you need to shield? When the most bad things are happening. You should have a little bit of knowledge on the other Paladins Champions and know their spells. Otherwise you won’t be able to use the shield that effectively. Using the shield in the right time is the most important thing you can ever do. If their team fall apart from the point and run away back to their base, you will get your chance to do some zoning. Typically, the zoning part is Flanker’s job. But if they are not able to zone, then with Fernando and his charge ability, you should be able to zone the opponents out before they get back to the capture point. Other than this is pretty much the same, try to hold the capture point, eliminate the healer and save your teammates from dying.

Using Fernando’s Ultimate

Yes, Immortal (Fernando and allies within 70 units cannot be brought below 1500 hp or affected by damage over time effects for 4s) is really good, but I would love to give you an advice and try to hold it for the second objective because as you are getting closer to their point, things can go nasty because the other team is closer to the Payload position. What this means is as soon as they respawn they will damage you faster as you are not going to be able to heal yourself up, unless the other team is fully wiped. This means that you will be pushed to use your Immortal and try to save your team too. If you cannot hold it for the second objective, then you are going to use it in the first, simple.

That is what I remember at the moment and remember, and we hope you will get some knowledge on playing Fernando.

Fernando Gameplay Video:

I hope you are going to love this paladins tutorial and like the video gameplay. From now on Fernando should be easier to play with, right? Do not forget, if you have a big advantage you can start chasing the enemies and zone them out before they come back on the capture point.

Paladins Gameplay Tutorial


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