Paladins Daily Quests: Exciting New Feature

A nice feature was recently added to Paladins: Champions of the Realm. Paladins Daily Quests. I am pretty sure everyone is excited about it, right? What does it do? What this option does is making it easy for you to collect the needed gold. Let’s see how the quests work.

paladins daily quests

Daily Quests Added to Paladins

You get the chance to gain additional gold if you accomplish the three of the given daily quests.  We do not know if they are going to be static, but we do think they will change every day. For this day, as the first day of this feature, we have a First win of the day, Second win of the day and Third win of the day. They grant 150 gold each. It means you need to win three games in the day. Do not worry; it’s not required to be 3 in a row, at least for now…

Another question I want to ask is: “Is these new quests feature going to be available only in casual mode, or it will also be added in competitive?”. Guess we need to wait and see.

This should make the game a lot more playable and add some spice to it. By saying spice, I think of more serious gameplay. I can confirm that everyone is going to love this.

On the opposite side, what we don’t know is, if they are going to be the same quests every day, or we are going to get different quests based on the champions maybe? Getting champions or role quests will be exciting. I do not know much about you, but I started to love Paladins more than Overwatch. This community has been excellent so far. The Further I go in the game I will let you know if anything gets changed by updating this post. I’d say BIG THANKS to all the Hi-Rez Devs for making this happen. I am pretty sure every single Paladins player is going to love it.

Winning games for rewards is something that every gamer wants; it doesn’t matter what kind of game they play. So, players, it’s time for you to leave every single game and join Paladins.

Do not forget to leave your opinion in the comment section below and tell us what you think about this new paladin: Champions of the Realm Feature.

Paladins Daily Quests Feature

Daily Quests Feature

Our Score

Hi-Rez deserves all the credits for making this game even more playable by adding this new quests feature.

User Rating: 3.6 ( 1 votes)

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