Paladins Drogoz Build Guide – Shield Wrecker, Cards Included

Welcome to the newest Paladins Drogoz Build Guide. This loadout should make you get rid of the enemy front line champions very easy. As usual they should be holding the middle of the capture point, while you and your Spit Fire will definitely get rid of them. Why Drogoz? Because Drogoz is one of the best damage dealers and shield wreckers too. He can break enemy shields really easy.

Drogoz is an insane champion that will make your head spin. Yep, in a game like paladins you definitely need a character like Drogoz. Drogoz can be really mobile with his Thrust spell. He launches himself in the air and… good bye world. That’s why is really good to play with Drogoz. You cannot be flanked while playing him. Can easily maintain height with the space bar on the keyboard, while moving in the same time and getting out or getting in on enemy champions.

You already know that in these Paladins Guide series we are not going to tell you what to buy ingame, as those purchases must be done in a response to the enemy champions. They should be your only guidance when it comes to ingame purchases.

Drogoz Build Guide – Shield Wrecker

Let’s get down to work.

Card Decimate: 4 points

Salvo deals 40% more damage to shields. This means firing a projectile on enemy players that are trying to hold the capture point should be really effective. Why? Because there must be a tank that is going to try and hold the middle. But guess what? You are here to forbid them take the point. This card will definitely show Drogoz power.

Maybe you are not even going to be pushed to take the wrecker ingame purchase, or maybe you will take it :), doesn’t matter. In every way, you are going to brake the shields down everytime they pop it up.

Using this card with your active Salvo is going to be insane. No one can stand on your way while bombing the shields :). Thrust is always there for you.

Card Lung Capacity: 1 point

Lung capacity increase the projectile speed of Fire Spit by 50%. This card is only used to boost the speed of your Fire Spit and make sure the enemy champions will not avoid it somehow. It can save you if you have a close fight too. Hitting the enemy and knocking him back is the thing you want to do. But as I said above, you always have Thrust, so you will be pretty much safe in every single way.

Card Propel: 3 points

Increases the forward distance of Thrust by 75%. Rushing away from an enemy should be a lot easier while making you go to a higher distance. Enough said, because it’s simple to use!

Card W.Y.R.M Jets: 2 points

Increase the Flight Speed of Booster by 12%. Holding Space should give you a lot more mobility. Everyone wants this card, it’s definitely not replaceable. Why? Because of this you will be able to take down Androxus, Bomb King, Skye, Cassie or any other champion that tries to flank you.

Card Masterful: 2 points

This is the card that you’ll love the most. Getting a 2s decreased Fire Spit cooldown for every hit on enemy champion. This means your Fire spit will be pretty much active all the time. That’s your only way to kill people in the middle of the capture point. Dealing that insane amount of damage together with Salvo is really easy.

You should be more than able to keep track with this Paladins Drogoz build guide.

How to use this Paladins Drogoz Build Guide and adopt the best possible playstyle

It’s really simple, Fire Spit the middle of the point since the match begins. Hold your thrust ready if you are getting flanked and repeat the fire spit shot whenver ready or until you chase the enemy oit of the capture point. If someone flanks you just use your thirst, launch yourself in the air and keep that height advantage with your space bar, as long as you can. Build your ultimate power and just pop the tank with it. If there’s Fernando, care, because he can avoid your ultimate if he uses his ultimate power.

Thats all we have to say about Drogoz, a complicated champion with a lot of playstyles. If it’s too hard for you, do not quit, just make sure you adopt to this build. At the end of the game, I am pretty sure you will be amazed from your already dealt damage.

Do not forget to comment if there is something wrong with this Paladins Drogoz build guide. You might get the chance to make us change the build and put your name tag on it. Let’s make Paladins Community a bigger and warm for all the new Paladins Gamers.

Drogoz Build Guide - Shield Wrecker


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A build that every single gamer will fall in love with it. Drogoz is one of the best Shield Wreckers in the game.

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