Paladins Evie Build Guide: Untouchable, Cards Included

Welcome to our new Paladins Evie Build Guide. As we promised, series will be kept on going while we still play the game and enjoy its fun. What’s right in this Evie loadout? Our build will make you Untouchable, just as the build is called. This means you will be able to flank the enemy damage dealers and get back safe so you can reinitiate even better. We all know Evie is a flank champion and got insanely OP skills in her pocket. The only way to win the game is to use them at the right time. This build should help you do that.

What do we know about Evie so far? A crazy girl dealing an insane amount of damage while her blink can be used to increase your cost and even wreck enemy players in the easiest possible way. Let’s stop talking gibberish and start explaining the following build.

Just to remind you that we are not going to speak anything about in-game purchases. They should be done according to the enemy champions and your style of play. Is this the final build? No, our FGR team will keep on releasing new builds, guides, and everything related to Paladins Champions of the Realm.

Paladins Evie Build Guide – Untouchable – UPDATED on October 23, 2016.

Card Wormhole: 1 point

Blink may be used a second time within 2 seconds to return to the initial casting location. What this means is you can blink in, try to find an enemy on low HP, eliminate him and get back instantly to the first known position when the first blink happened. Also, stacks with Flicker card, where your blink heals you for 300 health which makes it 600 hp. Isn’t that crazy?

Card Cold Blooded: 1 point

This card will reduce the cooldown of Iceblock by 2 seconds. Ice block can save you in fights if something goes wrong. What’s more important, is that there is one in-game purchase that will boost your hp regeneration while in Iceblock. Purchasing that is a must…

Card Reprieve: 2 points

Ice block heals you for 100 Health every second. It’s a nice little boost which can help you sometimes survive through the fight. I have nothing else to explain over here.

Card Flicker: 4 points

Blink heals you for 300 health. Its nice to part is that you can double blink and get double heal, so that makes 600 hp. Think about it, it’s awesome, and you can get your health back really fast. You might have Soar online, that will make you able to rejoin the fun right? 🙂

Card Teleport: 4 points

Getting the Teleport card at 4 points is a must because it will give you a lot of mobility which counts as survivability. Teleport will boost your range of Blink by 100% which will make you hop over a considerable distance of the map. You can even hop over walls and take down low hp enemy and teleport back to the same spot by activating the blink again. What is more important is to keep in mind that your damage output will be higher by 30% for 4 seconds. This is a lot!


Staying alive is pretty much everything you need to do. We do not have much to add for playing with Evie. Only experienced players can play Evie properly. It’s one of the hardest skill managing champions in the game. You must use your skills in the right order if you want to survive a fight. Blinking close to an enemy, taking him down, using ice block afterward and using Soar to get away should be an excellent start. Beginners, try to use this, experienced players got a lot more skills in their pocket. Do not worry; you will gain skills with Evie too.

Using the ultimate with Evie can be comfortable. Soar in the best area of the fight, Pop the Ultimate, use the Ice block and when you feel free Blink out. You can see the video gameplay utilizing this build down below:

Tell us what do you think about this build (loadout) in the comment section below. We believe that you should be able to make your enemies go crazy with it. Until the next loadout, take care and visit us more frequently for any updates.

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