Paladins Grover Build Guide – Nature Calls, Cards Included

When it comes down to Grover, you should know that you must keep up those heal bombs up and ready. Grover is an excellent support champion that may help a lot to all of the Front Line champions. Even though according to me he should be buffed, his current position is OK. What is more important is that by the release of this new Grover Build Guide (loadout), you should be able to help your tanks by a lot more than before.

By playing Grover, you should be dedicated just on saving your front line champions, taking the objective and pushing the payload all the way to their base. You should not do anything else, but, if you want to try some flanking stuff, do not expect to do anything well. There is only one reason why. Your Throwing Axe won’t do any good at close range, and you already know it.

Paladins Grover Build Guide – Nature Calls

We named this Build (Loadout) Nature Calls only because of our beautiful tree champion. 🙂 No other reason for an explanation about that. Now, let’s continue explaining the real thing.

Card Adrenaline: 2 points

Eliminations reduce all active cooldowns by 20%. I decided to make this card on 2 points and focus my healing a bit more. Staying behind the front line with all of my belief in our damage dealers, hitting one guy and getting an elimination can pretty much boost the Blossom heal cooldown and heal my front line champion very easy. It comes good with our third card.

Card Bark Skin: 4 points

Increase your maximum health by 300. This means you can co-op with your tanks a lot more. You are not Ying or Mal’damba to die fast. Instead, you are tanky support champion that with boost up to 300 hp, thanks to Bark Skin. That’s all I have to say about this card as there is nothing else to be added about mechanics or anything else related to it.

Perennial: 4 points

Reduce the cooldown of Blossom by 2s. Since you are a big AOE healer, the cooldown of Blossom should be reset as fast as possible. That’s the only reason we picked this card. You are going to heal your teammates by a lot. With the in-game purchase for minor cooldowns, it can be amazing… maybe something like perma heal :).

Card Chopper: 1 point

Hitting an enemy with Crippling Throw heals you for 50. I was thinking to choose one of the cards Fatalis and Chopper. Came out to pick Chopper. Do not have much to add about this. It’s pretty straight, healing you for 50 is not that much good. You are a big tanky Grover, and you might survive thanks to that one hit. Who knows?

Card Verdant Expanse: 1 point

After selecting two cards with 4 points, I do not have much to do. I picked up this card to increase the radius of Blossom by 10%. It’s beneficial in addition to my gameplay while standing a little bit further behind the tanks and trying to take care of our damage dealers.


Because your role is a Support, you need to take care of your Front Line champion as he tries to capture the objective point. Your healing over time and healing bomb radius is OK, so you might want to stay a bit further back while throwing axes at enemies and healing some of your damage champions. Your overtime heal is passive, while your blossom is OP with everything on it. It all comes down to using the ultimate at the right time. Your final power WHIRLWIND can make you and your team survive through very strong ultimates. Let’s say there is Androxus, Barik, Skye or Bomb King. You should be pretty much able to escape through all of those ultimates. Well, not all at the same time :).

We hope you love this Paladins Grover build guide (loadout). It’s something that will make you enjoy healing. You will be the only reason the whole team from the other side will purchase Cauterize in-game. It will just make the game more fun for you. Paladins Champions of the Realm is just a game.

Do not forget to leave a comment down below if you think something’s wrong with it or can be improved. We might upload your build with a name tag on it so people can use it. If you are a new player and you came here wanting to learn something more about this game, try visiting our Champions Gameplay Tutorial, you should learn a lot.

Grover Build Guide - Nature Calls


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