Paladins Kinessa Build Guide – Powerful, Cards Included

Welcome to our new Paladins Kinessa Build Guide. This build has been re-spec since the last OB35 Paladins patch came to live. What we did is we used 3 of the default cards and just bought 2 more cards and accomplished the build.

We all know that Kinessa is the strongest damage champion when it comes to dealing damage. The only bad thing with Kinessa is the mobility and avoiding the flankers. You are going to be target #1 since the beginning of the game. We are here to make that stop and present you this build which is going to help you avoid all of that.

Keep in mind that we are not going to show you what to buy ingame, because those purchases must be done depending on the champions playing against you. We will continue to cover the champions in random order until we release the builds for every single one of them. Enough said, let’s preview the newest Paladins Kinessa build guide.

Paladins Kinessa Build Guide – Powerful

Card #1, Prodigy: 4 points

This card will give you a movement speed boost of 100% while you scope and aim at enemy champions. This means you can avoid some bullets by the flankers. For example if there is Skye, you can avoid poison bolts by just moving around. Do not stay in one place while you’re in Sniper Mode. You can also catch someone trying to run away behind a wall or an edge, thanks to this card.

Card #2, Restore: 2 points

Heal for 20% of maximum health after teleporting to your Transporter Beacon. This should pretty much keep you alive while you are running away from the flankers trying to kill you. It’s not going to do insane amount of healing, but just a portion of it should save you from let’s say Skye’s Poison Bolts. I do not have anything else to add to this card so I will continue writing.

Card #3, Beam Me Up: 4 points

Now this card will increase the flight speed of Transporter by 80% on 4 points. This comes good in addition to the previous card. This means you can get away faster and also heal a portion of your maximum HP. Believe me, it should save you and even give you an opportunity to kill enemy players. You just need to choose a nice places where to throw your transporter. Always aim for a higher position, because is the only place some heroes cannot reach that fast.

Card #4, Open Season: 1 point

Your sniper attacks reveal enemies for 1 second. If you do not like this card you can change it, but I decide to let it be in the build because sometimes this card is helping your teammates knowing the enemy position, even if they are marked for just 1 second. You do not need to use any kind of skills to do this, just make sure you fire your weapon precisely.

Card #5, Bob and Weave: 1 point

Increase your movement speed by 40% for 2 seconds after deploying or teleporting through Transporter. This card comes very nice in addition to the second and third card, which means you can pretty much regen for the time being and get back in the fight as fast as possible. It’s going to be hard for you to understand this build in the very beginning. Do not worry, as you play more, you will understand it better.


Kinessa doesn’t have any kind of rotation, but it’s good if you play her in this order. Always use Sniper Mode, except if they are at close range. If possible, get a position where you can avoid the flank since the beginning, get over there fast. Do not forget to put Oppressor Mines on the ground where you stand. Well, not on the same spot where you standing at, but on the areas where enemy champion can come from. It will slow them down and give you a chance to take them out. If they are affected by it, you will get 30% damage boost if they are getting affected by the Mines.

Make sure you’re Using Kinessa’s Headhunter only when your path is clear and no one is on your a**. In that way you can clear all the trash on the capture point.

We really hope you’ll love this Paladins Kinessa build guide (loadout). Just make sure you stick with it and build your playstyle according to it. You’ll see the results will come. Do not forget to leave a comment if you believe something should be change. A response is all we need to review the build (loadout) and respec it if it’s better than ours.


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