Paladins Mal’Damba Build Guide, Cards Included

At first sight, Mal’Damba was looking like a popcorn to me. I wasn’t able to play it at all. Everyone was focusing me down and I was barely able to live through the fights. Then, the moment of hurt came in my head and I said, ok, it’s time for me to make a good Mal’Damba build and step in the middle like a true champion. We all know Mal’Damba is a support champion in Paladins and we need to ensure the best experience for our Front Line champions that are trying to take the capture point. This Paladins Mal’Damba build guide (loadout) should make you walk like boss in the middle of the CP.

Not only that, Mal’Damba is capable of healing other champions that are further away from him too. So, it doesn’t need to heal the tank only. You can very much heal and save a lot more players than one. And by just doing that, you can save yourself too. How? We will explain that right now.

Keep in mind that you should not buy the same Paladins in-game items from the video down below. You should orientate on buying the best possible ingame items depending on your enemy team.

Paladins Mal’Damba Build Guide – Caramba

This Paladins build guide is called Caramba because now we’re finally able to hop in the middle of the fight and survive through it. They will try to put you down but it’s going to be a lot harder than before. Believe me, you will get the right card boost at the right time and you’ll love it!

Card Liminal Passage: 1 point

Increase the distance Slither travels by 10%. This card will always be good, 10% is more than enough to survive through the fight, ofc if something’s going bad. Also, It’s a total life savior.

Card Ritual Magic: 2 points

Heal for 30 health per second while healing an ally with Mending Spirits. This is the thing I was talking to you above. Healing a friendly champion will heal you too for 30 health per second. It’s not that much, but it can definitely count as boost to all of your other active healing skills.

Card Many Gourds: 2 points

Reduce the cooldown on Gourd by 1 second. I do not know about you, but I decided to use this card on 2 points because I do not need Gourd that much. Gourd is a nice spell which heals you while damaging the enemy champion, but if you somehow miss it or you are being pushed to get out of the area, it won’t do much. Now, that’s why i use the second card Ritual Magic. Connect these two. It should be more like, heal the front line with Gourd and use the mending Spirits on the other champions around you. There are more interesting connections in these cards, just wait, you’ll see.

Card Swift Spirits: 3 points

Mending Spirits grants 21% movement speed to allies. It’s a nice option to heal your teammates and make them run fast. You are going to be able to save them more often. After all, we are not trying to carry the game, right? We are just making sure our friends live through the fight.

Card Possession: 4 points

This is where all the fun comes. So, Gain 16% damage reduction while healing an ally with Mending Spirits, interestingWith this card, you are going to be tanky like h***. You just need to make sure you hit your Mending Spirits precisely. This is where the CARAMBA part begins. You are going to jump in the middle of the fight making yourself the strongest target to kill. With your Gourd on the ground. They are not going to be able to kill you that easy for sure.

Paladins Mal’Damba Gameplay

I do not have much to say about Mal’Damba’s rotations or the way of play. You just need to take care of your teammates and not let them die. Mal’Damba can be even stronger than Ying sometimes. Just hold down the middle of the point, take care of the front line champions with using Gourd. In the meantime, if something bad is going on to any of your teammates just use Mending Spirits on them and make sure you hit it right. In that way, you are going to be a lot more tanky in the middle of the fight. Everyone will love to put you down. Wait for your ultimate to come up and try to use it on the second objective, make them run in fear :).

Paladins Mal’Damba Gameplay Video – Loadout: Caramba.

With this build, we’ve covered all of the 18 available champions. You can find all the guides over here:

We hope you like this Paladins Mal’Damba build. Recently, our team at FGR agreed to accept builds from every single Paladins player. So, If you have some kind of build ready, feel free to send it to and we’ll be more than glad to review it and submit it on our website. Your name tag will be included on that build. Do not forget to include an explanation of the build because that’s the only way for us to accept it. We live and die by explanations and explanations should be included everywhere. Remember, not everyone is smart like you.

Until then, do not forget to leave comments on our Paladins Builds (loadouts). If any kind of change is needed, it’s going to be done by our team of gamers.

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