Paladins Ruckus Build Guide – Machinimo

FGR welcomes you to the newest Paladins Ruckus Build Guide (Loadout). The following text should be a guidance to your success with Ruckus. Ruckus may not be the strongest Front Line champion, but he’s the front line champion that can deal the most damage. As the devs were speaking in the OB36 pre-patch video, there might be a new front line champions that will join us in the game.

We all know Ruckus is an alternate front line champion because he has not that much of survivability when it comes to strong team fights. His shielding ability is not even close to Fernando’s or Makoa’s shield, and it’s pretty much selfish shield. He can only use it for himself. But, the machine guns he owns (that’s the reason we named the build Machinimo) are deadly and can take enemies easy.

Before we start explaining the guide, keep in mind that we are not going to show you what to buy in-game, because those purchases must be made depending on the champions playing against you. Maybe in near future that will happen too. In the meantime, we will continue to cover all of the champions in random order until we release the builds (loadouts) for every single one of them. Let’s start explaining this Paladins Ruckus Build Guide.

Paladins Ruckus Build Guide – Machinimo, Explanation

Card Alternator: 2 points

Heal 100 health per second during Repulsor Field. Let’s summarize this. Affected allies take 50% less damage for 3 seconds, and for those 3 seconds you heal up for 300 hp. Popping up the Emitter plus activating the repulsor Field, means a big win for all of your teammates.

Card Heat Diffuser: 4 points

Reduce the cooldown of Emitter by 4s. The cooldown of Emitter without any buffs is at 12 seconds. If you use this card, you will get the cooldown down to 8 seconds. That means 4 seconds lowered cooldown can pretty much bring you closer to the main Front Line champions like Fernando or Makoa. The only problem is the pick of bomb king if they have it, your job will be tough to finish. It is better if you start roaming with Ruckus instead of standing in the middle and try to fight against Bomb King. Why? Because when you use your machine guns, you will be pretty much slowed like h***. This means you will grab all the sticky bombs from Bomb King and you will die fast.

Card NanoTechnology: 4 points

While Emitter is Active, heal for 200 health each second. Well, this is one of the best cards when it comes to tanking with Ruckus. What you want to do is just use your shield only if your HP goes down below 75%. It will go below that. So the self-healing together with your support heals will give you a lot of HP regen.

Card Warden: 1 point

Increases the duration of Emitter by 1 second. This means you will have the chance to heal a bit more. It’s a nice card coming in addition to the third one.

Card Countermeasure: 1 point

Dropping below 30% of your max health grants you a 150 health shield for 4 seconds. It’s not by much, it’s just an asset like in every single other build, and by a little bit of luck you can survive sometimes through the whole team fight


You are probably asking yourself how to own with the ruckus. It’s straightforward, stay in the middle of the point or around. If it’s getting too hard for you, start roaming with it a bit more. One best tip is, you never pick Ruckus when there is a bomb king, ever! Bomb King can pretty much nail you down every single time. It’s one of the most reliable counters to Ruckus. So, shoot your machine guns at people, use your spells accordingly if there is one more tank with you and have the patience for your ultimate skill. Use it when you can see a lot of enemy players on one place and clear as much as you can.

We hope you like this Paladins Ruckus build guide. If there is something you don’t like, please feel free to comment down below and tell us if something’s wrong with the build.

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