Paladins: Skye Perma Hide Build Guide, Cards Included

A lot of people ask me what kind of build (loadout) I use with Skye. I told them I am going to post my build on So, finally, I can welcome you to my Skye Perma Hide Build Guide.

We all know what kind of girl Skye is, a girl that break hearts more than often :). Am I right? This girl can pretty much kill the whole team if her ult is used right. But, until that happens, we are going to need to build our ultimate in a best possible way.

Keep in mind that we are not going to show you what to buy in-game because those purchases must be made depending on the champions playing against you. We will continue to cover the champions in random order until we release our builds for every single one of them.

Skye Perma Hide Build Guide – Cards:

Skye Perma Hide Build Guide Deck

Card Cloak: 2 points

This card will boost your Hidden skill by increasing its duration for 4s. By doing this, you are pretty much able to flank more efficiently while being under stealth effect for a longer period. Your flanking can start from further behind thanks to this card. I feel like this card is a must! Being able to track and drop an opponent is not card related, but instead, it gives you more comfort of flanking. You will be able to get that extra time thanks to this card.

Card Nimble Fingers: 3 points

Why 3 points on Nimble Fingers? Well, activating Poison Bolts increases reload speed by 30% for 5 seconds. That means you are not going to be needed to purchase Deft Hands in-game, but instead you will go for damage. As always, getting up more damage with Skye is essential. The most important thing is to hit the poison bolts precisely. Aim and try to get all of the three poison bolts. Running the three poison bolts in a target means pretty much an instant kill. Enough said, let’s move to the third card.

Card Ninja: 4 points

Ninja with 4 points increases your movement speed by 60% while hidden. This means you will run like Flash, for real. Also, this card is handy with the Emergency Exit card that we use. By using the Ninja card, you will get the speed and needed time duration so you can go stealth from a more significant distance. That should confuse the enemy and give you a considerable advantage. You will get enough time to go behind him and hit the Poison Bolts. As I said above, running all three or even 2 of them, makes you a killer and a winner. 🙂

Card Emergency Exit: 2 points

Emergency Exit can be a life savior after your Smoke Bomb finishes. So if you drop below 30% of hp, you automatically enter stealth. On 2 points, this effect can happen once every 30 seconds. We do not need more. 30 seconds should be more than enough to reset your time until you go deep next time. Now you should start understanding this build. With the third card and the movement speed, while hidden, you drop below 30% hp if something goes wrong ofc and boom, gone. Just like Flash :). Let’s get down to the last card so we can complete the build.

Card Shadow Affinity: 1 point

This card reduces the cooldown of Hidden for 1 second. Well, I do not need 5th card, but since it’s a must, I decided to use that one. However, 1 second sometimes can be crucial for getting away. Well, overall if you get all of the cards together, make the math, you should be just in time for getting Hidden ready after your 4th card gets active.


Pop hidden, run behind an enemy, try to all of the 3 Poison Bolts, burst him down, drop the Smoke Bomb, run away. If your Emergency Exit wasn’t used, you could run opened in front of an enemy so your EE will pop and turn back on him with your smoke bomb active. For doing all of this, you might want to get the in-game lifestyle purchase. The grand finale is keeping your ultimate ready when needed. In the latest patch v35, they fixed the broken ultimate, but the damage is still working, only the range has been fixed.

Here’s a video of me playing Skye by the way with this build. I think it was this build only a bit respecced, the cards were the same. The best part is when the Emergency Exit pop they are even looking confused where is she where is she :).

I hope this Skye Perma Hide Build Guide will give you a lot of success in Paladins.

That’s all folks, I hope you like this build. We’ll keep you updated with new builds as they come ready. Take care and do not forget to like us on Facebook and visit this excellent website whenever you feel free!

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