Paladins Ying Build Guide – HD BOMB, Cards Included

This loadout should be the reason to play Ying. Playing Ying means FUN. Fun like never before. She can be mobile, supporting front lines easy, do not need to stay in the middle of the fight like some of the other support champions and she can be productive like heaven. We are down to 3 supports. Champions left to cover are Ying, Mal’Damba and Grover. I must admit that I’m not a support role player, but when I do play one of those I am always contributing like h***. Maybe something’s wrong with the other supports when I play a different role, I guess. ūüôā

Ok, so this build is all about Healing and Damage and Resetting the cooldowns.

No, we are not going to post anything about in-game¬†purchases because those should relay on the enemy team and their pick. Enough talking, let’s start explaining the build.

Paladins Ying Build Guide – HD BOMB

I named this build HD BOMB because I think it’s a Healing-Damage Bomb Build,¬†literally. I am pretty sure you are going to love it. Let’s wait and see.

Card Pursuit: 4 points

It’s a beautiful card because it gives 32% faster movement speed of the illusions during Shatter. You probably already know what Shatter does, so it means speedier damage, right? What you want to do is pop 2-3 illusions, activate shatter and run close to the enemies so you can heal up and also deal a lot of damage. However, let’s continue with the build.

Card Fracture: 4 points

This is why I said you need to activate shatter, move closer to the enemies and try to get eliminations as much as possible. Be careful, do not go that close and die instantly. Just make sure you stay behind your tank and deal some decent damage. We all know that getting closer to enemies makes you deal more damage.

Card Encouragement: 2 points

Eliminations reduce all active cooldowns by 2 seconds. This is a card that will give you a faster illusion spawn. I was confused about this card, wanted to put Squadron in it, but I finished up with this because sometimes Popping your Q button can make a lot of changes in the fights you know. After one elimination you get lowered cooldowns by 2 seconds, and your illusion skill is 5 seconds. Which means if you get elimination of an enemy champion you pretty much will get new illusion ready. All of this, together with the first two cards works good, right? ūüôā

Card Mesmerism: 1 point

These two cards are more like randoms than hard thinking. Mesmerism gives you increased range on deploying Illusions by 10%. Sometimes it’s perfect to stay in the back if being focused and pop those illusions to heal your front line teammates. I am pretty sure you are going to be focused a lot. But, you can avoid any difficulties with your Dimensional Link.

Card Carry On: 1 point

Your illusions last 3 seconds longer. Hm, it might get good sometimes if you get too many eliminations, which activates the third card of this build and pop all of your illusions with Shatter. If you sum up, you can get an extra 1-2 illusion with this. Imagine all of that damage you can deal. It’s going to be painful.


Nothing more specific to say. Keep in mind that you are Ying. You need to take care of your front line champions. Put one illusion in the back so you can get away if something wrong is going on and after that take a spot around the middle of the point, behind the front line. Spam the illusions behind the tank so it will cover you and your teammates mostly. If you are getting flanked and something tells you that you are going to die, just activate Shatter and what happens, happens. Make sure you are attacking all the enemies because if someone of them goes down, it will be counted as an elimination so your cooldowns will lower down by 2 seconds. Activate your ultimate power when needed. That’s all I can say.

We hope you like this Paladins Ying build guide (loadout). Stay tuned because there is more to come. We are going to release all of our present champions builds and afterward try to find a new build that is going to be amazing. Do not forget to leave a comment down below. If something is wrong, we will change it and maybe do that with your name tag on it.

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  1. Umm.. I think Ying is better used when attack simultaneously. There is this one card that reducing cooldown of Illussion up to 2 seconds if your illusion dies to an enemy. Combine it with reducing shatter cooldown card. Its wonderful! For self healing use lifesteal card. Another thing. Longer illusion is not needed because illusion just heals for 400
    hp, you get what i mean? Illusion dies when they heal for 400 hp so what is the point of longer duration? Or its for dimensional link maybe idk? But yes, like you said, playing Ying is FUN.

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