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Pokemon Go Future Updates: Niantic Did it Again!

Niantic launched a new update for the popular mobile game Pokemon Go. The site made an announcement on the game’s website, the update adds new egg patterns and notifications. As promised, we’ll try to cover you with every Pokemon Go Future Updates. This one brings you a lot of new features and stuff that is truly exciting.

Categorically, the pattern on the eggs will range depending on the distance required to hatch them. You can see this in the picture shown below. These updates should make everything better. It’s not just the pattern of the eggs that will be updated. Keep on reading and you will see. Is Pokemon Go coming back to life?

Plus, each Pokemon’s info screen got an update which includes Pokemon type icons, while the game will also now alert you to when the Pokemon Go Plus battery gets low. Finally, the update should have “minor text fixes”, even though Niantic did not provide any specifications on what has been changed.

With the update put into effect, Pokemon Go should version 0.43.3 on Android and 1.13.3 on iOS. You can see the patch notes below.

Pokemon Go Future Updates – October

  • Professor Willow discovered that Eggs have different patterns depending on the distance required to hatch them. A nice looking feature.
  • Pokemon type icons have been added to the information screen for each Pokemon.
  • Low battery indicator added for the Pokemon GO Plus. Finally, a small thing but really important.
  • Minor text fixes. As always, they’ve been fixing the text a lot of times, not just this time. It’s a really important thing when it comes down to Pokemon Go.


Author Note: This post was updated due to the release of new Pokemon spoilers for Halloween.

What we know so far is that Niantic released an increase for Gastly, Gengar, Haunter, Zubat, Drowzee, Hypo, but we have all the Pokemon for this Halloween. Check out the list below and catch em’ all!

  • Mewoth
  • Marowak
  • Muk
  • Ekans
  • Abra
  • Kadapara
  • Alakazam
  • Shellder
  • Cloyster
  • Magikarp
  • Gyarados
  • Cubone
  • Golbat
  • Tentacool
  • Slowbro
  • Omanyte
  • Grimer

All of this Pokemon spawns very often, or their overall spawn it’s increased. Good luck and happy Haloween

First Ever Pokemon Go Halloween Event

Niantic has announced the game’s first-ever in-game event for Halloween. As part of the event, Pokemon like Gastly and Haunter will show more often. Additionally, you can earn extra Pokemon Candy. It should be interesting for all the kids playing this game. We know there is a lot of them Check out the video below.

I hope you love the new changes. I cannot wait for the Halloween event to take its place. The game should become a real fun during that period of time. A big thanks for Niantic making these changes become true.

Pokemon Go Future Updates

Pokemon Go October Update
Halloween Event

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  1. Niantic should put their focus on Pokemon Go Future Updates. This game is a lot of fun for everyone around the world.

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