Syndrome Review: Gameplay, Graphics, Sound

Syndrome is sci-fi Indie video game created by Camel 101.

Syndrome Gameplay

The gameplay reminds of Dead Space, Alien Isolation and Outlast, therefore it has lost its originality.

syndrome the game

You wake up after being in a cryosleep in a space shuttle. After a while, your character gets in touch with one of the crew members of the space shuttle, gathering information about how something weird happened on the ship and everyone are dead. Then you get a quest, saying that you have to turn the power back on in one part of the ship and at this point you realize that you are not the only soul here.

You are facing aliens that are trying to kill you and you have to survive. When you finish with this mission, all the following ones are giving you the impression of the typical indie game. Every mission you get is almost the same.

syndrome review

A perfect example of such mission is “Go on Deck 6 and press the button”. When you get there, you can not pass due to obstacles, or you can not open a door, or you have to input some code which by coincidence is on the other side of the ship and few Decks above or under you. It is clear that developers want you to spend more time exploring the ship and be aware of every creature that jumps on you from nowhere.

Checkpoints in Syndrome

Fighting mechanics needs to be improved. Although there is an option to defend and block, it doesn’t help you at all. Walking, running and duck are very unusual because the camera its constantly moving up and down and suddenly your character is moving like he lost a leg and has to crawl. Very interesting thing is that there is no jumping option. What we think is great in the game is the saving option. Exploring the ship, you will get to certain points where you can save the game. The only problem with this option is that you can not find these checkpoints on the map, you have to explore to reach them.

Graphics and Performance

For Indie Game, the graphics in Syndrome are amazing. With their low budget, developers did a great job. Although the game has a mouse and keyboard support, there is no way for you to see if mouse acceleration is active, or to change the keyboard buttons option. So, you will find yourself in a situation where you will press more buttons on the keyword to find the option you need. When we test the game, we came to a problem with the crosshair. Hopefully, this bug will be fixed.

syndrome the game review

The game is made only for 60fps, so the players with 120Hz and 144Hz it’s not very optional. But hey, it’s better than 30fps.

Game Sound

The game sound in Syndrome gives the perfect impression of these type of game. The game atmosphere keeps the player in unpredictability since the beginning of the game and its pretty creepy.

General conclusion

If the developers tried to make this game not to look like other games, this could have been one of the better horror games this year.

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