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The Division 1.4: The Best Update Ever

Ubisoft’s The Division gets a change in a big way today, with the 1.4 update. Well, I guess it was time for all of that, right Agents? I said that I will try the game after this update comes to live. So now I am pretty much busted. After so many failures, finally, this happened. A lot of things are changed in The Division 1.4 Update and this should make all the disappointed gamers go back to this beautiful game. The magic is finally back! It’s time to save New York once again.

The Division 1.4 – The Best Patch Ever

The servers of the game were down for solid three hours this morning, in order to apply the game update and for maintenance on the platforms. Atm, servers are back up and the next time you play it, you will have to download the 1.4 update. The game HD needed space grows from 4.5 GB up to 5.7 GB, depending on your platform.

The new patch makes a series of great changes, regarding weapons, balance and more. Ubisoft released the 1.4 update in response to fan feedbacks and to fix ” lingering issues.” The main focus of the patch is on fixing bugs, making loot drops “more relevant,” and balancing gears and weapons.

The patch also wants to improve the solo play experience and add a large number of quality-of-life features. We are not planning to post the full patch notes because you can check them here: Ubisoft’s website.

If you desire to pick up a copy of The Division, Amazon currently offers the game at a pleasant discount. It is available on all platforms – PS,Xbox One and PC, all for under 18 dollars.

As we said In a previous post about this update, it came pretty much the way we say it will be. But however, I still want to check the gear balances.

The Division’s Survival and Last Stand is delayed

Because of the work that had to be done on 1.4, Ubisoft delayed The Division’s Survival and Last Stand expansions. Survival is expected to be released sometime later this current year, while Last Stand will come out in the first part of 2017.

At the end of September, The Division holds the title of best-selling game of 2016, stated by Ubisoft. Whether this is true or not, still remains to be seen, as games like FIFA 17 and Battlefield 1 have launched.

I can say that this was the best update ever since the game was released back in March. What I really want to know and I will pretty much find out, is the DarkZone happening. I am hopping in the game right now hoping that everything will be awesome. Take care, Agent out.

The Division 1.4 Patch Update

Bug Fixes
Gameplay Improvement

Our Score

A lot of things were changed in The Division 1.4 Update and this should make a lot of gamers go back to this beautiful game.

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