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Is Pokemon Go Losing Its Breath? Are The Developers Sleeping?

I remember when it first Pokemon Go came out people laughed at me when I said the hype train wouldn’t keep going.

pokemon go

Pokemon Go is experiencing what every MMO does- and make no mistake. Pokemon Go is just an MMO, sure it’s an ARG that brings you out into the real world blah blah blah, but at its core, it is a massively multiplayer online game powered/funding by a real-money store.

Due to the IP, the fact it’s an ARG, and some of the awesome features included or promised, Pokemon Go exploded in popularity more than most MMOs would, but on the first launch, every MMO has a huge surge in players. The “cult of the new”.

As the game progresses, the “new game smell” wears off. Some people wander off to the next shiny new thing. Others finished the available content and stop playing much until there’re updates.

Others still, once the game is no longer new and shiny, just vastly reduce their playing time. Some decide the game wasn’t for them. Some return to the loving arms of their previous addiction.

Major update and bug fixes will bring new players in Pokemon Go

Plus there’s the inevitable bugs/nerfs/changes which put people off when they’re not fixed. Pokemon Go has its share of those. The game was released and marketed as a “full game” with updates coming, what we actually downloaded was a beta, in which they broke several key features.. one of which they couldn’t be arsed to fix several months afterwards.

Given the comparatively small amount of content Pokemon Go actually has (40 levels, only 30 of which really matter currently) and 142 available Pokemon to non-world-travelers, and the issues the game currently has… yes, a downswing is inevitable- a harsh downswing.

When they do a major update, fixing problems and/or creating new content, however, there will be a major surge of returning (and new) players… which will then subside, and the ebb and flow of the player base will begin.

Major update and bug fixes

Beta Version
Developers actions

Our Score

If they fix the bugs, all Pokemon Go players will come back.

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