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New year, new WWE video game and a new review. This year is the 3rd year of entering in the “2K” branded WWE games and the 25th WWE game ever made. It’s time to get our hands on writing this awesome WWE 2k17 Review.

Although I did not write a review for WWE 2016 I did enjoy the game and spent more than 150 hours in it. This is a huge upgrade from 2015 and a good hint of what was to come in the further years.

Brock Lesnar is on the cover, despite this game taking plenty steps forward, it is sad that it takes a huge step back. This step is the removal of the “2K Showcase” mode. In the previous games, this mode gave their players to see the memories depending on the game.

WWE 2k17 Review: Where the adrenaline pumps

A specific superstars career, or to follow an important time period in WWE history, playing through the most important matches. These go around the theme of the current year’s game. In the last year, Stone Cold Steve Austin was on the cover of the game. This year it is Brock Lesnar, and it is safe to say that showcase mode would follow his career and grant players a chance to play through his matches with Kurt Angle, Goldberg, and Undertakes.

This removal was due to a lot of Superstars competing in these matches being under contract with other wrestling promotions. Therefore, they were not able to appear in the game. This is a pretty good excuse, but its disappearance does not affect the game, especially since the NBA2K series and the FIFA series make these modes the main part of their yearly games.

2K stated that their focus is on improving the other two main modes in the series, MyCareer and Universe mode. The Universe mode allows you to construct your personal WWE world, make custom shows, PPV’s, brand splits, matching card and rivalries.

This is my personal favorite because I love running my own set of shows, constantly playing as different superstars. The addition to this game is to make you feel that the shows are real. Show intros, show opening fireworks, commentary in-between matches regarding the upcoming matches and the introduction of the brand new “Promo Engine” allow these fake shows to come closer than ever before to feeling like you are running and playing through a real episode of WWE programming.

Promo Engine Review

A big new addition to this game is the “Promo engine”. This addition allows players to take a superstar in whichever mode he likes, Universe mode or MyCareer. The player can call out another superstar, cut a promo in the middle of the rig.

This can be done by a series of choices that the player can select which transitions into a longer version of what is picked. The performance is measured by a meter at the top of the screen that informs if the superstar is cutting a face or heel promo.  The player is rewarded for picking a direction and sticking to it or risk losing points and cutting a promo.

The early fun in the game starts to fade through as the player quickly realizes how limited the number of choices is. Anyways, for a first-year addition, this feature is actually good for future development and provides a new dimension to the two modes.

New Set of Additions

MyCareer mode and the “Promo Engine” has a new set of additions. The T-Shirts sales allow some tracking for popularity among fans and also make extra cash. Also, there is the new ” Paul Heyman guy challenge” that allows the player to cheat his way to the top of the WWE locker room. Still, these additions are welcome. My feeling tells me that MyCareer is not the fun mode that it should be. It turns into a long grind. I feel that the developers should pick a direction and stick to it. Or commit fully to the fantasy and craziness of the WWE and let us play through unique stories. It just does not feel natural and real.

Thankfully, AJ Styles debuted in a WWE game. Finally, this game managed  to improve the in ring gameplay in every possible way. The animations are smoother, reversals blend into each other better than ever and the game runs smooth.

More updates include longer opportunities to pull of heavy reversals and taunts that buff and also debuff players. But the most important upgrade is the roll-out feature, in the multi-person matches where this feature allows one player to roll out of the ring after getting damaged, in order to recover. Making this feel like you are watching a match on T.V.

Fun Fact

I have to make a review for this one. Ladders now can be placed only in certain areas in and outside the ring. This makes less opportunity for glitches and more time for playing the game. The other big addition to the gameplay, in my opinion, is the returning backstage brawls. This allows players to take the right from the ring to the backstage, or in the crowd, to fight more hardcore.

This is a very pleasant return as there is nothing more fun than having the control of everything. It is just another addition which makes these games authentic. The creation suite is expanded again, and allow players more choices to create Superstars, move-set and etc. This year players have the choice to create a video that will be displayed on the titan-tron during a Superstar entrance. Both of these additions are very welcomed and wanted.

Characters, Graphics and Gameplay Review

The new graphics are pretty much the same as last years. Many character models looked bad last years. Luckily, Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho, and Roman Reigns have been improved and look more realistic.

Many of the woman wrestlers that 2K added this year are not good in comparison to the male superstars. 2K put a new lighting system into this year’s version to make the Superstars look better than before. The menus took a simple route as compared to last year. They go for a smoking gray background with wrestlers walking in the background.

Charlotte also made her debut in a WWE game. The online modes in WWE 2017 are similar to what 2016 had to offer. The servers are still terrible and for some players in Australia, it is hard to play a match. After two matches I decided to never play online again.

The roster, the modes, the presentations and the gameplay have been improved in a way that it helps the player forget that the showcase mode is absent.

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WWE 2k17


Our Score

An amazing wrestling game with a lot of improvements, but not that much as expected.

User Rating: 3.77 ( 5 votes)
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