Zombie Night Terror: Zombies Are Always Trendy

My first impression of Zombie Night Terror was displeasure. Why do I need to play this same scenario repeatedly? I did not have a chance to give it a shot when the game primary released in July, so I delayed the experience until Horror Month.

I am genuinely getting fed up with zombie games. Everyone understands this, zombies are terrifying and trendy.

Zombie Night Terror story

Needed to give myself space to really get in a mood and maybe I would get a better impression of the game.

The game called Zombie Night Terror is indeed a zombie game. Luckily for the ones who have already reached the level of tolerance of the everyday zombie game, this is something fresh. Zombie Night Terror is not your ordinary zombie game.

The alternative for normal shooting zombies, running from them is getting a chance to play the overlord of the undead. The full air of the game is fabulously creative and overdone. Obtaining scenes from multiple sources for the presentation also for the story. The earth was infected with an interesting new drug going by the name Romero, pretty fun.

This drug turns its users into the living dead. You are playing the game as the king corrupting the innocent people passing by, in order to complete each stage. As you unlock the quests, you get to unlock the ability to mutate your zombies into special units of your team to get extra help to solve precise challenges.

Overall, you need to gather all of your zombies and show them their way to the exit of each stage, minimalizing loss as few as possible to the pitfalls and armed drug dealers.

What the game is all about

Zombie Night Terror has an extraordinary amount of replay value, that every stage has a secondary mission, that is kind of impossible to complete. The game is a good experience for anyone willing to get over the frustrations you get from it. I myself, have covered numerous games I found frustrating, but this is completely different.

The frustration you get from Dark Souls is completely different from this one. With games of this type is all about learning given patterns and mastering them also. This game is based on a puzzle, and progressing through you, as a player, can notice the difficulty getting harder at a quick pace. You get in situations that indeed challenge your intellect, oppose to challenging boss battles.

Indie- Retro Design Zombie game

I can not say that this game is not enjoyable, but you really need to analyze each given level and create some kind of a game plan. Fortunately, there is no penalty for dying, just your own sanity and probably you will destroy your keyboard and mouse. On a visual level, the game hits that one magical place in my heart where all of my retro memories live.

Zombie Night Terror has that NES-style pixel art that is made so well that you must appreciate it.

Even though presenting the indie friendly retro design, it still somehow feels contemporary. The animations are quite smooth and shown very good that even people who never got any chance to experience the high point of pixelated kind of game can still enjoy the experience this game gives.


Zombie Night Terror is a separation from the standard zombie game; assimilating logic, puzzles and a fresh kind of perspective on the game genre.

It became one of those games that I can rapidly jump in and out whenever I need an immediate gaming fix or a game I can easily waste hours intro trying to succeed the given stage. I recommend to try it but pay attention to the difficulty that waits for you.

Zombies are trendy

Zombie Night Terror

Our Score

Everyone understands this, zombies are terrifying and trendy.

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