Angeldust Review And What Can Make The Game Better

The game is currently on early access free to play on Steam.

Gameplay in Angeldust

Angeldust is where you can use your crafting skills. You can choose between 4 classes: Builder, fighter, scout or sorcerers. Choose the perfect one for you and use your unique abilities. The game is with more than 200 creatures, four unique heroes, landscapes and a lot of materials to build with.

After you choose your class, you spawn on a land, where you have to build a home and find resources in order to level up. But, you will see later, that you can play the game without giving any attention to your land.

When I started to play Angeldust I choose the Builder class. This class includes Turret, Dispenser, Springing Board and a Detonator.

Each is with different abilities. With Turret you can spam. You will need health recharge, so that’s why you have Dispenser, Springing Board for trolling and a Detonator for terrain use.

So, you have east, west, north and south side in Angeldust.

Choosing to go east or west from your land, you will find desert, jungle, and forest.

Going north or south, you will spend a lot of hours just walking and trying to find players to interact with. Unfortunately, the chances to meet another player is very low, maybe because of the lack of players. But, I hope Angeldust will get the attention from a lot of players.

By going into the wild, you will discover a new type of terrain, a new type of block, that will need you to build your terrain. You will also get a chance to find different monsters and kill them to level up.

In Angeldust, you use gold  to unlock special abilities, to buy different blocks or to change the color of your clothes.

If you like exploring, building or killing monsters, this sounds like a perfect game for you.

Changes that will make Angeldust even better

Of course, like any other game, something is missing. What I think the developers should focus on is the social interaction. In a lot of cases, exploring in Angeldust you will see a lot of players AFK and you have to walk for hours to meet new friends. Well. If this is going to be fixed, the gameplay will be easier for most of the players. You can share, communicate and even build together.

Another thing is the walking time. I think it will be much easier if there are Mounts. In this way, you don’t have to walk miles and miles to find a friend.

Angeldust will not contain any transactions, “Pay to Win” or any DLC. However, the price will be raised as soon as the product is finished. The developer Frank Lucas is aiming to add new features, gameplay elements, and mechanics to give the players better experience in Angeldust.

Overall, this is a great game where you can spend hours and just forget about the time.

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