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Balmond Build Guide

It has been 1 month since I have started to play Mobile Legends. As a big fan of the game, I have decided to do the best build guide for Balmond. Feel free, you can call me PRO! 🙂

As a Fighter, he deals big damage and uses his Bloodthirst skill to regen HP. Soul Lock, Cyclone Sweep and Lethal Counter are his casters.

Balmond from Mobile Legends is the fastest hero who slays enemies before you can even say “Damn”! From the previous post, you can see his skills and how to use them. But let’s get down to his build guide.

Balmond Build Guide

When you start a Match Up mode, on the right side, under the heroes tab, you can see his Equipment Schemes. You can choose 3 different ways to play with Balmond. Continuous Damage, Burst Damage or Durability. I have tried all 3 schemes, but the best one is Burst Damage. Trust me, you will have a high score and it will need only 5 seconds to slay an enemy. Here are the items you need.

Wind Chaser

Your physical attack will get +60 points and +45% physical penetration

Blaze of the 7 Seas

Adds +65 physical attack, 300 HP and 20% attack speed.

Warrior Boots

This item will increase the movement speed of Balmond by +40 and will add +22 armor.

Berserker’s Fury

Adds +65 physical damage and 25% chance for critical strike

Blade of Despair

It will increase the critical strike chance by 10%, Balmond’s attack speed by 25% and will add +130 to his physical attack.


Buying this item your HP will be increased to +800 and the magic resistance +40.

Be artistic, use your skills and fight to defeat not to survive!

This is my Balmond build guide. If you have any suggestion, please let us know in the comments section below.

It’s snowing outside and I’m rocking on MLBB with Balmond! The image below is in ranked game, unfortunately, my team didn’t win. But, I’m excited what this build does 🙂 And I like to call it magic! If Eudora and Layla were using Future Game Releases guides, that is a clear win! GG and WP!

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  1. God damn Dexter!!! Haha loving your builds!!! All I can say with your builds is… GGEZWPKYSUNINSTALL!!!! 😀

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