Best Console PS4 Pro Teardown In Pieces

Bravely enough, Sony came up with a detailed PS4 pro teardown video and how it looks inside.

For start, you can see where the hard drive is located. You can disassemble it if you want to do it or maybe you want to change it for a bigger one. In the teardown video, you can also see how he removes the screws, antennas, sensors, hard drive and motherboard.

ps4 pro teardown

“Please don’t try to tear down your console at home because you will void your warranty on PS4 Pro”. Sony warns you not to open the console on your own.

They also replied that PS4 Pro is the most powerful console in the world until now. There are lot of improvements in some games such as Uncharted 4: Thief’s End and The Last of Us Remastered.

Big differences are also in a good way for Final Fantasy XV which makes the frame rate and the resolution surprisingly smooth. There is a big range of games as well, who are getting improvements in the PS4 Pro patch which you can check here.

The newest version of PS4 console is with a price of 399$.

To one of the critics, Jimmy Thang replied: “PS4 Pro has a fair price for all the good features and the most powerful console nowadays. Considering the upgrade, do it only if you own a 4K HDR TV and extra money to spend”.

Shere your comments about the Teardown video announced by Sony, how to rip apart the strongest console in pieces.

PS4 pro teardown video

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