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Black Mesa Xen – Coming Out in Summer 2017

Crowbar Collective announced a rough timeline for the Xen portion of its Black Mesa Xen Half-Life remake. While still living in Early Access, Black Mesa’s take on the locale that rounded off Gordon Freeman’s outing will portray what Crowbar reckons Valve would have done “Without the limitations of the time.”

What this means?

This means that the maps have been redesigned and expanded – both in size and in number. “We wanted to use the holiday and the sale to announce our rough timeline for Xen. “We are currently targeting a summer 2017 release,” crowbar said through an update post. “We’ll keep you updated on our progress and we plan to show off some media as we finish developing Xen to give everyone a glimpse at what we are working on.”

Black Mesa Xen – Steam Market

In the middle of 2015, The Devs confirmed the original moderation of Black Mesa will not receive Xen levels. But the process of getting them onto Steam and into the EA game has taken longer than planned. The team has summer of 2017 in their plans and wants to do Xen the justice it deserves, and have it be the definitive climax to the Half-Life 1 story.

The update has the following similarly-scaled shots which show the original game against Black Mesa’s reinterpretation.

xen black mesa

xen black mesa 2



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