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counter-strike: global offensive changing weather mod

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Changing Weather Mod

Given the fact that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was missing weather since its very beginning, this might be a very good idea. After a lot of playing, I personally think that this game is getting the support it needs. The new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Changing Weather mod should make all of the players excited.

counter-strike: global offensive changing weather mod

While most of the FPS games has some kind of weather pattern included, Counter Strike GO is missing that. We are speaking about Counter-Strike: GO, a game that is one of the best when it comes down to multiplayer FPS competitive games.

The New Counter Strike GO Weather And Its Masterminds

What are we speaking about? We are speaking about a new mod released by Lewis Palfrey and Luke Millanta. They released the Changing Weather Counter Strike GO mod, with a lot of different weather patterns. It includes the most popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive maps like Dust2, Mirage, Cache and Overpass while their modded map names are de_dust2_w, de_mirage_w, de_cache_w and de_overpass_w.

They have all been released at 22 of November.

What is it going to feature and how many weather conditions are there going to be? Well, you can choose between different weather conditions. Thunders, Heavy Rain, Light Rain, Heavy Sandstorm, Medium Sandstorm, Light Sandstorm, Heavy Fog, Light Fog, After Rain and the default map. So, we are basically talking about 9 different weather patterns plus the original one.

Imagine all the environment we’ll play in. It should be amazing.

These two guys made the impossible and show the people that almost everything is possible using the Source engine. Creating weather conditions in a game like CS: GO was definitely one of the best things to do. I am pretty sure that all the players will be excited about this. As we can see, there are already a lot of people subscribed to the mod.

You can subscribe to the Changing Weather mod on Steam.

What if Valve implements it on all the maps?

Well, this is going to be one of the best things this game can get. Imagine all the competitive matches using this mod. The realistic weather conditions are going to make the game even more fun.

However, someone might not find this very interesting. When there is rain, you pretty much are not going to hear the footsteps that good. While on the other side, when you play in a foggy environment, you eye-sight will be bounded.

But this is also a reason this game to become even more interesting in near future. It is also the only reason I think this game will be even more fun!

However, It’s Valve’s choice what are they going to do, but adding weather conditions in the game would be really nice.

We decided to hop in the game and take some print screen shots while playing on the modded versions of the maps.

You can feel the fog and the rain. Also, the heavy eyesight not letting you to see enemy players that clear.

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Dust2 Changing Weather Mod



Mirage Changing Weather Mod



Cache Changing Weather Mod



Overpass Changing Weather Mod



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Do not forget to tell us your thoughts on this in the comments down below.

CS:GO Changing Weather Mod

Changing Weather Mod

Our Score

A mod that's changing the weather asking you at the beginning on what kind of weather would you like to play. Having this kind of mod is nice, but it will be even better if this mod hits our competitive games.

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