Dark Souls 3: How to defeat Sister Friede?

The final of two Bosses you will see in Dark Souls 3’s Ashes of Ariandel DLC is the boss Sister Friede.

To get into a combat with Sister Friede, you can not approach her in her chapel, she will disappear. You must pass the Snowy Mountain to enter the rotting basement of the chapel. And then find a lever that uncovers a set of stairs next to Friede leading to the imprisoned Father Ariandel. Only then she will fight you.

I made this guide just to make sure that you didn’t miss anything in order to defeat Sister Friede.


Sister Friede is feeble, unlike other bosses. She can be surprised with big attacks. This is because she is only wearing cloth on herself, and hence this big strikes can take a lot off of her health. But as you go through phrases, she is getting tougher.

The fight with Sister Friede contains three stages: Sister Friede, Father Ariandel and Friede and Blackflame Friede.

This phase looks like it is easy. But you can make pretty simple mistakes that will damage you in the long run. I guess you will want to save your Estus for other phases and this means that you will need to pay attention to Sister Friede’s attack and how to defeat her. Father Ariandel will not be in this part. So, you can ignore him and focus on not losing sight of Friede and defeat her. On herself, she wears cloth and can be surprised and backstabbed if you get the luck to get behind her.

Sister Friede Basic Attack and how to defeat her:

Her basic attack is several frost-lace scythe swings. Two or three swings, with a pause in between allowing the opponent for a counter attack. When she goes into a stance holding the scythe behind her, things get difficult. From this position, she can do few moves. The most powerful and most dangerous has her dragging the scythe blade along the ground like a hockey stick – a moment before she launches it up into the air. If you see this, you will get a massive damage. This is because you are sliced into the air, then pulled back down. She can also jump into the air for a slash that outputs an area of frostbite. Here you will need to move away from if you want to defeat her.

The most annoying move comes at a distance, where she sweeps her scythe aside before turning invisible and leaps to a random nearby location. When this happens, you have few moments before you hear her preparing her attack. Then Sister Friede races towards you to swing the scythe up in her huge damaging attack move. But you will not be able to see this version until it is too late. The best way to counter this attack is to find her before she unleashes the attack, as she will spend several moments winding up the attack.

And if you get close enough, she becomes visible and it makes it harder to defeat her. If she prepares to turn invisible, be fast and go next to her. She will become visible before she jumps, which is easier to track as she disappears again. Or another clue is to look for the small cloud that forms from her landing. When you spot her, give her your most powerful attack, if you have the time before she makes her move. If you keep doing this, her health bar will go down.

I have made few more articles on how to defeat Father Ariandel and Blackflame Friede on Dark Souls 3. I hope this article will help you and guide on how to defeat all three stages in Ashes of Ariandel.

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