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Gear.Club: Mobile Racing Game

I really hope the news that I have right now for the mobile racers will make their competitive experience even better.

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All of the mobile driving fans know that there haven’t been a lot of excitement in the mobile racing world since the release of RR3 and GT Racing 2 since 2013. It took almost 4 years for the mobile developers to start fresh from the beginning releasing Gear.Club game for IOS.

Therefore, I want to announce the release of Gear.Club in 2 weeks from now for all Android users as well. The creators of console games V-Really and Test Drive Unlimited, Eden Games, designed a perfect mixture of sim-like trappings and spontaneous arcade handling. Gear.Club offers more than an adrenaline rush.

What Gear.Club for mobile has to offer?

The Real life driving experience in Gear.Club with all the aerodynamics and suspensions, makes this mobile game unique in the world of mobile racing. What makes Gear.Club even better is the real live driving? You will feel this real life racing when you are going to face an opponent.

If you hit your car by this opponent it will damage and not only, there will be consequences/penalties. Try not to damage your car. Because then you have to repair it and that will take a while, depends on the type of car that you service.

What I find very interesting in this game, is the range of options for the cars. You as a player can optimize, customize, upgrade, and collect the best cars in your garage. Also, at the same time, you can enjoy every detail in full HD.

All the cars that you own, buy or get during the game challenges, can be modified in your shop. In addition, you can invest in your shop to become bigger in order to fit more cars. You can open a possibility to fix more cars at the same time. The bigger the garage is, the more options you get.

Big Surprise!

Regarding the races you can go against you friends through championships and events and you can drive your car with simulated engines, aerodynamics, and suspensions. While you are racing, you can experience stunning locations on the tracks. Many thanks to the developers who did a great job on the graphics and a full game feeling of the environment. When I speak about the tracks, it’s a bit of disappointment about the real tracks.

But there is a rumor that the original tracks are coming in the near future.

Let’s wait and see what Eden Games prepared for us as a surprise. My question is this: Is Gear.Club the first big serious mobile racing game threat to Firemonkeys an EA Games for their excellent amount of users already playing Real Racing 3? From the last update of Firemonkeys, they announced that they are working on something big. So maybe they are waiting for Gear.Club to be released and then to shoot the big guns with a new mobile racing game. Maybe Real Racing 4? Let’s wait and see.

Stay with us, there will be new info updates and reviews available.

Update 1.0: Gear.Club released for Android

gear club android

All the Android users starting from today can download and play Gear.Club for free in the app store.

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