Gears of War 4 DLC and Updates Incoming Because of Their 10th Anniversary

Next week is the 10th anniversary of Gear of War. Microsoft got a surprise for all the Gears of War players, the “10 Years of Gears” event. DLC named the 10 Anniversary Gear Pack for Gears of War 4. Everyone feels excited about the new Gears of War 4 DLC and New updates that are coming in our way.

In multiplayer mode in the DLC, there will be a character, Gary Carmine, with weapons from his brothers, Clayton Carmine’s Lancer, Benjamin Carmine’s Gnasher and Anthony Carmine’s Longshot. You can also find anniversary emblems and weapon.

This Tenth Anniversary Pack will be launched on November 7th exactly 10 Years after the first Gears of War game was released. First, the game was launched for Xbox 360 back in 2006.

I will explain to you how the DLC pack will work. You can get the DLC Tenth Anniversary Gear Pack only in-game. Every 200 Credit pack is with one 10 Years of Gears customization item.

Also, you can get one emblem or bounty, and a single random Gears card in this DLC. Check out the list below for all the news in this DLC:

  • Anthony Carmine Longshot
  • Benjamin Carmine Gnasher
  • Clayton Carmine Lancer
  • Gary Carmine Character
  • Gary Carmine Emblem
  • 5 Bounties, each themed to a Gears of War game
  • 10 Years of Gears Emblem
  • 10 Years of Gears Lancer
  • 10 Years of Gears Hammerburst
  • 10 Years of Gears Retro Lancer
  • 10 Years of Gears Markza Mk. 1
  • 10 Years of Gears Enforcer

Today Microsoft also released two new playlists for Gear of War 4.

One Shot, One Kill

You spawn with a longshot in this mode, while you can find the Ember sniper rifle around the map.

Gnashers-Only King of the Hill

King of the Hill is all about using the power weapons to gain an advantage, it takes skill to know when to use stand back and use them or when to storm in with the Gnasher.

Microsoft has a new update for Gear of War 4

What I know for sure is that an update is coming today, that will make a lot of changes into the Gear Pack system. This update will change the customization content of the game and the credit –erning experience will be more consistent.

Also, this update brings a higher credit rate for multiplayer PVP. Doesn’t matter if you win or lose, you will get almost the same credits. This is made in order for the players that are not pros to feel like one! Smart move by Microsoft!

Bounty System Update

The Bounty system of Gears of War 4 is updated as well.

Depending on the Bounty and the difficulty, players will get much higher XP and credits. This is a perfect way for the player to level up much faster and get credits easy.

In the list below you can see what are the major changes in-game done by Microsoft.

  • Versus Boosters now contain one guaranteed customization item and four Bounties. One Bounty has a chance to be a second customization item.
  • Horde Boosters now contain one guaranteed customization item, four Horde Skills and a chance for a Horde Skill to be a Horde Bounty
  • Operations Packs now contain two guaranteed customization items

What I think is that maybe Microsoft is preparing new community events and rivalry. Again, we might just have to wait and see if they get another “ace in the pocket”.

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Gears Of War 4 DLC and Updates

Gears of War 4 DLC

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Gears of War 10th anniversary should bring a lot of new updates and also a DLC pack.

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