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Get Infinite Warfare for Free With a PS4 or Xbox One Later This Week

If your desire is the new PS4 or Xbox One, there are some great news for you. Later this following week you will be able to get a free game. On the PlayStation side, you will receive Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for free, which is a great offer considering that it does not launch until Friday, November 4th.

cod infinite warfare free


How to get Infinite Warfare for free?

To gain entry, you need to buy a PS 4 at a retailer in the US or Canada on November 4th or 5th and you can get Infinite Warfare for free. It is not a bundle with the system, unlike the case with last year’s Black Ops III.

Sony did not say in the PlayStation Blog post what part the retailers take in the promotion.

The offer is the new slim PS4 model that was introduced in September. You can pick up the bundle of Uncharted 4 for 300 dollars. What is without permission though, it does not launch until Nov 10.

In the meanwhile, Microsoft has its own free game offer going on. You can choose your game with the purchase of an Xbox One starting this week. Black Friday is also around the corner and we think that there will be at least some good console deal available.



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