Gigantic’s Beta Starts Next Week

Gigantic Beta starts next week on December 8, available only for Xbox One and PC, as announced by Perfect World Entertainment and Motiga.

Gigantic was in development for some time, but now they are ready to present the new third-person, MOBA game to the world. For those who don’t know, Gigantic is a 5v5 game, with action-oriented combat. There are 16 available heroes, each one with 5 abilities.

Heroes In Gigantic

  • Tyto The Swift – Reflexes and Finesse
  • The Margrave – Tank
  • Imani – Sniper
  • Beckett – Support
  • Xenobia – Curses and Control
  • Uncle Sven – Alchemist
  • Tripp – Stealth
  • Lord Knossos – Offensive
  • Charnok – Draconic Sorcerer
  • HK-206 – Tank
  • Voden – Stealth
  • Vadasi – Healer
  • Griselma – Wise Summoner
  • Mozu – Magic
  • Wu – Martial Artist
  • Aisling – Warrior

The game is with a specific map design, bright colors and a third-person camera. Gigantic also has the Guardian Combat, where you and your team have to slay the enemy’s Guardian to win the match. But be careful, because the Guardian can be upgraded and it might be stronger than yours.

So, if Guardian looks good for you (check the video above) you can sign up for the beta here.

Gigantic is free to play and it’s crossplay with Xbox One. This means that you have to download the client from Windows 10 Store.

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